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DIY Simple Tree House Ideas: How to Make a Treehouse

How to Make a Treehouse — Want to make a treehouse but don’t know how to start? Look no further; read this article to find a personal DIY treehouse guide.

Whether an adult, teen, or toddler, everyone has a dream to spend a night in a tree house at least once in their lifetime. If you are one of these individuals, and you know a tree near your house that can become a perfect tree house then continue reading.

Simple Tree House Ideas: How to Make a Treehouse
Simple Tree House Ideas: How to Make a Treehouse

How to Make a Treehouse (Simple Tree House Ideas)

The article describes a step-by-step procedure for constructing a perfect tree house. This is surely everyone’s DIY simple tree house ideas and guide. Here is a step by step procedure on how to make a treehouse all by yourself. Now, just don’t stand and stare at the tree in your backyard. Start building today!


A tree-house provides youths and adults the luxury of spending some quality time with their self or with friends without the usual disturbances from people. One can climb up and spend some time alone reading a book as golden leaves drop to the ground slowly on a leisurely autumn day, or have a sleepover with a best friend. Add some great music for sing-alongs to or just lounge on a hammock for a retreat from mundane slumber on the bed or couch during the day.

However, most people get intimidated at the thought of having to erect the whole edifice all by them. The thing they worry about the most is that the tree house might collapse and fall from the height. But the fact is anybody can put up a sturdy tree house that can stay up for years to come. All they have to do is carefully stick to certain guidelines, legal rules, and basic engineering tenets, along with a little rationale. This article is a DIY simple tree house ideas and guide.

Step by Step Procedure on How to Make a Treehouse

  • Find a sturdy, robust tree in your backyard – one that has been around for a long time without rot and any shortcomings. The roots should run deep into the earth and the branches grow out of the trunk, horizontal to the ground.
  • Before coming up with a plan for the DIY treehouse, check with neighbors and the local planning authorities to see if there are any laws against or regarding its construction. Do not cut wood before you have an absolute plan that you’re sure of.
  • Keep the tree house not far away from ground level. A 5 to 8-feet height does fine and will look higher from up there.
  • Pick a spot for the platform where there are firm branches or posts to give it tough support. Plan the DIY simple tree house ideas and do your groundwork by estimating the dimensions, size, and measurements.
  • Follow this up by nailing wooden boards to the tree to act as a ladder to climb and descend during the assembly.
  • To start the construction on how to make a treehouse, place a strong slab of wood to act as a platform at the base of the tree house to ensure its safety and endurance.
  • Keep the platform straight and stiff and position it centrally on the tree so it is not easily shaken due to shifting weights or strong winds.
  • Use galvanized nails (rust-free) to secure it safely in place. If you’re using ropes instead, keep in mind not to tie the knots too tightly. They’ll limit the growth of the tree and strangle it.

Must Read:

  • The best woods to make the platform with are oak, pine, or spruce. Also, if possible, place rubber bumpers wherever there is a contact point between the structure and the tree.
  • Make sure the platform is larger than the actual tree house to form a deck. Raise railings by pegging wooden bars at regular intervals, crisscrossed by ropes or wooden rods.
  • Follow the platform by lining exterior plywood sheets on it for flooring.
  • It is safe and prudent to put together the walls on the ground before fastening them in place. You can also carve out the windows and doors before you nail them to the platform.
  • Once the walls are put up, using an expanse of batten and shingles, place the roof and make it safe and secure in place with nails and rope.
  • If you consider the wooden-board ladder to be unsafe, you can nail a rope ladder to the platform that rolls out right up to the ground.
  • Also, spread sand or sawdust at the bottom of the tree to cushion in anticipation of a fall to avoid injury.

Maintenance and repair is the key to the preservation of the DIY simple tree house ideas. Keep track of the growth of tree and tack in creaks or broken wood immediately for safety. In case of rains, check for rot and signs of weakness and frequent swaying.

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