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Keep a Roof Over Your Head: 7 Signs You Need Roofing Work

Homeowners have a lot to keep track of. There are so many details to maintain on an annual basis. As such, some aspects can fall between the cracks.

Specifically, the state of your roof is something that gets neglected. If you let it get away from you, a rude awakening is in order.

However, there are some warning indicators to look for. Read on to discover 7 signs that you may need to have roofing work done.

image - Keep a Roof Over Your Head: 7 Signs You Need Roofing Work
Keep a Roof Over Your Head: 7 Signs You Need Roofing Work

What’s at Stake?

A new roof can be a very expensive repair. Minimal damage, if not looked at in time, can balloon into a total replacement. A new roof can cost in the range of $10,000 depending on the size of your home.

Some damage is reparable through insurance. Take a look at this roofing contractor to see these possibilities of repair.

In any case, identifying the damage is an important place to start. Without further ado, let’s look at the signs.

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1) Shingle Debris in Gutters

Look up in the gutters to see if there is shingle debris. It will look like collections of sand the same color as the shingles. If there is an exuberant amount, it could be a sign that the current shingles are wearing out.

2) Missing Shingles

Compromised shingles can be ripped away by storm-force winds. Shingles overlap sealing each other. Missing patches can lead to moisture getting into the house. If you notice missing shingles, you need repairs.

3) Plant Growth

If you see plant growth poking up through the shingles, this is a cause for concern. It could be moss build-up, small weeds, or saplings. Plant growth suggests moisture is trapped in the shingles.

4) Water Leaks

Water damage inside the house is a clear sign of roof damage. Keep an eye out for the discoloration of paint.

Worse still, if you notice water dripping from the ceiling, its time to have the roof looked at. Identify where the water is dripping in the ceiling. Often, the damaged roof areas are just above.

5) Attic Moisture

Sometimes water can be getting into the house but not yet be showing up on the ceiling. After a rain shower, take a look in the attic or crawl spaces in your house. If you feel the moisture in the area or see pooling water, parts of your roof are likely compromised.

6) Light Seeping Through Roof Beams

Another warning sign your roof needs maintenance is light in the attic. Looks for rays of daylight peeking through the roof beams. This suggests the shingles are not sealed.

The more daylight you see, the more water can get through. If this goes on long enough, that water can start leaking into the house. This issue is not recognizable from the exterior. Therefore, it is important to scope out the attic a few times a year.

7) Sagging Roof Deck

While you are inspecting the attic, take a look at the roof deck. The deck is the surface that holds up the shingles on top of the rafters. The deck is often made from plywood.

The deck material should remain straight. If it is starting to sag or looks sodden, it is full of moisture. If it is localized to a few small areas, an entire roof repair might be avoidable.

Schedule Roofing Work Soon

Take a look at your roof, if you see some of these warning signs, roofing work is in order. A roofing contractor can help talk you through the severity of the issues.

If you enjoyed this article, stick around for more homeowner tips.