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7 Tree Services Every Property Owner Should Consider

For most property owners, trees are important assets. They bring shade to the property, add privacy and security, a structure for play and imagination, and if they bear fruits, even provide food.

But, to get all the advantages of having trees on your property, arborists and Professional tree service company in Riverside say that specific efforts are required.

image - 7 Tree Services Every Property Owner Should Consider
7 Tree Services Every Property Owner Should Consider

Listed below are seven tree services to ensure the pleasant looks, health, function, and safety of your property.

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1. Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming should be done regularly not only to prevent branches and leaves from getting entangled with other structures within your property but also to maintain their pleasant appearance and good health.

With tree trimming, you can make sure that dead branches are no longer sharing and wasting the nutrients that the rest of the tree still needs.

According to a trusted tree service Midlothian, Virginia locals turn to, tree trimming and pruning are also essential in preventing pests from entering your home.

Often, overgrown branches and leaves can serve as a bridge for rodents and other pests into the house which is why it truly is essential to trim and prune regularly.

2. Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is often necessary when a tree suffers from a disease that might compromise its growth. Everything — from parasites or pest infestation to harmful fungal growth can be taken care of by tree surgery.

3. Micro-trunk Injection

Micro-trunk injection is another service to outwork tree diseases. It can likewise get rid of pests that prevent trees from living a long life.

At times, tree surgery and micro-trunk injection are required to work hand in hand in salvaging seriously ill trees.

4. Macro-infusion

Macro-infusion is a tree service to consider if you want to ensure the fullest and healthiest development of trees. This may be perfect if you have beautiful ornamental and rare trees in your property that may have come from a slightly different climate.

Nutrients are administered to trees through something like an IV drip at the base of the tree (called deep root feeding).

Additionally, macro-infusion is known to treat chlorosis (manganese deficiency common among Majestic Oak and maple trees) and iron deficiency.

5. Air Spading

Air spading is a treatment specifically for tree roots. It removes the excess dirt or soil around the base of the tree where roots grow.

This is a necessary treatment for trees that were planted too deeply and struggle to get as much water and nutrition they need, which are introduced to the ground surface.

A tree service Chesterfield, VA residents trust points out that the maximum benefits of using fertilizer and watering are only within six inches depth of soil.

Therefore, to make sure that a tree benefits fully from them, air spading may be required to bring them closer to the roots.

In a lot of instances, this particular service is also used to determine the issues beneath the surface that prevent trees from developing well. Arborists get to study these underlying issues to apply appropriate solutions.

Common problems identified through air-spading are certain human activities or urbanization factors.

6. Tree Removal

There are certain situations wherein tree removal needs to be carried out. One is when there’s a new landscaping design for the property. Two is when it becomes an accident risk to the area.

For example, when a tree is too old or sick, it’s better to have them removed lest it suddenly falls during a storm or earth tremor.

And three, if the tree is growing out of control and can compromise the structural integrity of a building nearby or road. Sometimes, tree roots also spread far and wide and mess with underground infrastructure such as drainage lines.

For tree removal, there are two options. You have cutting and balling. Cutting is what most people are familiar with, and basically, it cuts down a tree and leaves a stump.

However, with balling, the tree is removed or dug out from the roots in a ball shape and can be transplanted to a better location.

Between the two, balling is preferred because it preserves the tree and allows it to continue living, but in a different place. It’s a more complex process, however, because it requires heavy machinery.

7. Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a tree service to consider if you have cut a tree. Most people don’t have a problem with stumps and even come up with creative ways to make them useful.

But, stump grinding is necessary if the tree that was cut had a disease and if it has become the home of pests.

Also, you may want to grind the stump if it’s a safety hazard – something people can trip on.

Those are the different tree services that will ensure your property’s trees are real assets. If you want to secure even more benefits from them, seek the advice of landscapers and arborists.

Landscapers can do the following:

  • Choose the best places for your trees to grow.
  • Create a layout that will make watering as effective as possible for optimum developments, serve your specific needs accurately (such as better shade and privacy for your lot).
  • Incorporate decor or ornaments to make your trees a visual delight to anybody who sees them.
  • Determine the best trees to grow in your property as well as the plants to grow around them. Smart vegetation pairing can address issues such as pest infestation and even nutrient deficiencies.

Meanwhile, arborists can shape your trees in the most attractive way, while also ensuring that they develop well. If you want an outdoor space full of healthy trees that is aesthetically pleasing, you will need the expertise and knowledge of arborists.

Which among the seven tree services do you need to ensure your property’s trees grow well through the years? If you wish for more advice on how to care for trees, get in touch with your local professional tree services.

You can trust that not only do they have time-tested strategies on helping trees grow majestically but also the best techniques to get the job done correctly and quickly.