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AC Units: How Efficient Are They Compared to Heaters?

In today’s climates around the world, in Florida, and all parts of the U.S.A., heating and cooling homes and businesses to a comfort level is a challenge.

It can cost twice as much to heat a space in the winter as to cool it in the summer months. Both AC units and heating units that are over 10 years old will be less efficient than the newer models.

image - AC Units How Efficient Are They Compared to Heaters
AC Units How Efficient Are They Compared to Heaters

There are climate control units for homes and businesses that cool in the summer and heat in the winter. This double-duty equipment saves space and money for the property owner.

Florida Heating and Cooling Equipment

Residents of Florida are more concerned with cooling air most of the year than heating it during the few cold spells during the winter months.

But when it is cold, everyone needs a source of heat. Experts are realizing that climate change does not only mean global warming.

It means more temperature extremes in both heat and cold. It means more storms and more severe weather all year long.

Warmer air in the Arctic can cause weather patterns to alter, bringing extreme cold to the southern U.S. Melting icebergs can raise the sea level causing catastrophic damage to coastal areas.

Not knowing what temperatures and weather swings to expect as our world climate changes, means we must all be prepared for both cold and hot temperatures.

We must furnish our homes and businesses with both AC and heating equipment and it must be well-maintained.

A Florida company, blairsair.com can service both heating and cooling equipment or install new equipment as needed.

Maintain Equipment to Increase Efficiency

Home and business owners must have heating and cooling capabilities and that equipment must be properly maintained to be efficient and save fuel costs.

Experts recommend that if this equipment is over 10 years old, it be replaced with new more energy-efficient equipment.

The cost of the new heating or cooling equipment can be recouped over several years in lower energy costs.

When it is time to replace an old heating unit, property owners should consider installing heat pumps or temperature control equipment that heats in the winter and cools in the summer with one piece of equipment.

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Why Does it Cost Less to Run an AC Unit Than a Heating Unit?

The reason an AC unit may be cheaper to run than a heating unit is that in the summer months cooling a building requires less of a temperature change than heating a building in the winter does.

In the summer a hot temperature of 90 degrees cooled to 65 degrees is a difference of 25 degrees.

But, in the winter to maintain that same 65-degree temperature might mean changing the temperature from 20 degrees which would be a 45-degree difference.

If the temperature on the thermostat is 70 degrees the temperature difference is even more at 50 degrees change.

The more degree change is required the higher the energy cost will be. AC units are often powered by electricity and heating equipment might be powered by coal, gas, oil, or electricity.

Those fuels might increase the cost of heating over cooling even more. The age of the heating or cooling units will also play a big part in its efficiency.

Cutting Those Energy Bills

Cutting energy bills for both cooling and heating a building may depend on better maintenance of the units, replacing units that are more than 10 years old with more efficient units, changing the fuel used to heat a home, and other improvements.

If a home has insufficient insulation, adding insulation can go a long way toward reducing both heating and cooling bills.

Replacing old, single-pane windows can cut energy costs even more. And, investing in an energy audit offered by the local energy provider can help stop more energy leaks.