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Adding Privacy to the Backyard: 10 Ideas to Try

If you’re interested in adding privacy to the backyard, then there are tons of great ideas for you to try. You can work within your budget to create a private backyard oasis that best fits your budget and style.

But what are some cheap backyard privacy ideas you can incorporate with ease? Begin with establishing a budget and decide whether you want to install a privacy fence or invest in hedges, shrubs, and trees.

image - Adding Privacy to the Backyard 10 Ideas to Try
Adding Privacy to the Backyard 10 Ideas to Try

For a list of 10 ideas to try in order to add privacy to your backyard, then keep reading for backyard privacy tips you need to read.

1. Planters

Planters are an excellent way of adding color, dimension, and privacy to your backyard. Consider large planters and place them on retaining walls to help get more height. Look for plants that grow tall and fill out fast, such as lavender, elderberry, and hydrangea.

2. Shrubs, Bushes, and Trees

You can plant shrubs, bushes, and trees to create a living wall. You can plant shrubs close together and incorporate different flowers if you’re looking for pops of color in your backyard.

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3. Screens

Privacy screens are a cheap, easy way of adding privacy to the backyard. You can install them anywhere you want permanent or temporary privacy, and choose from a wide range of colors and styles.

4. Install Lattice

Lattice is cheap and readily available in natural wood tones, painted to match your individual sense of style. It comes in a wide array of sizes and styles, providing as much or as little privacy as you need in your backyard.

5. Partitions

Similar to screens, backyard partitions can be placed wherever you need them and can be moved with ease. You can choose from various levels of privacy and install these partitions anywhere you don’t want neighbors looking.

6. Fencing

Installing a fence is one of the best ways of adding privacy to the backyard. You can work with a professional fence company to discuss the best type of material for your yard and your budget.

7. Curtains

Decorative curtains can be added to your backyard, providing a layer of privacy. You can find freestanding curtains or ones that attach to your home, all depending on your needs.

8. Build a Pergola

Pergolas are not only pretty, but you can attach a living wall and curtains to them, adding a layer of whimsy and privacy to your backyard. You can buy one from a fence company or from a garden supply store.

9. Bamboo

Bamboo is an excellent, affordable way of adding privacy to the backyard. You can plant bamboo in large planters to control where it grows since it spreads fast and can be difficult to remove.

10. Plant a Garden

Gardens are not only beautiful, but they can help add privacy to your backyard. Look for flowers and vegetables that grow thick and full, and consider a chicken wire fence for vines to attach to.

Adding Privacy to the Backyard

Whether you install a fence, plant shrubs, and flowers, or invest in curtains and screens, there are countless ways of adding privacy to the backyard.

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