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The Advantages of Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows

The Advantages of Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows — It is often said that the windows are the eyes of the home, helping to give personality and appeal to even the most basic home designs. But windows can do much more than just help make a home more attractive. In fact, a home’s windows are an important factor in the level of comfort the home offers throughout the year, as well as the cost of heating and cooling it.

The Advantages of Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows

Homeowners who are considering replacing their current windows will want to know why replacing them with Energy Star windows can offer them much more than just good looks. It’s a simple improvement that doesn’t require a permit that brings in some major returns.

The Advantages of Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows
The Advantages of Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows

Security and Comfort

Unfortunately, in addition to being the eyes of the home, its windows are also one of the most often used points of entry for home invasions and burglaries. This is especially true in homes where the windows have become dilapidated and no longer close or lock securely.

Homes that have older windows in the basement, such as those that slide open, are especially easy for criminals to open and should always be considered for replacement. Since many home insurers offer discounts for home improvements that can help them avoid loss, homeowners will want to inform their agents when adding more secure windows to their home and ask for a discount on premiums.

In addition to making it easier for someone to break into a home, homes with older windows also suffer;more air loss and drafts, making some rooms feel uncomfortable during both summer and winter.

Added Efficiency and Reduced Utility Bills

Replacement windows are a home improvement that consistently pays off for homeowners. In most cases, replacing old or damaged windows with ones that are Energy Star certified offers homeowners the opportunity to save money by:

  • enjoying lower energy bills, often as much as twelve percent lower, on average, than comparable homes with less efficient windows
  • incurring less annual maintenance costs than older windows
  • offering opportunities to apply tax credits or earn rebates through local, state, or federal incentive programs

In addition to tax credits and rebates, may utility cooperatives also offer incentives for members who make home upgrades designed to lower the amount of electricity the home consumes. To find out more about this, homeowners can contact their electrical power provider.

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Curb Appeal and Resale Value

In addition to providing a more efficient living experience and higher levels of security and comfort, the installation of Energy Star replacement windows can also help homeowners enjoy a more profitable selling experience. Because the Energy Star brand is widely accepted as the industry standard for efficiency, buyers are more likely to recognize their value and be willing to pay for it.

Energy Star windows are designed to meet or exceed all current requirements for U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirements for each climate zone, and are considered to be a greener choice than many other types of windows on the market today.

Upgrading to Energy Star windows can also help to improve the looks of any home, adding both general market value and curb appeal. Many buyers, particularly those who belong to the millennial demographic, are looking for homes that are in move-in ready condition, with low maintenance requirements for the future. Homes that feature quality window replacements, such as those that carry the Energy Star symbol, are likely to be more appealing for these busy buyers.

Homeowners who would like to know more about how the addition of Energy Star windows is likely to affect their home’s market value should speak with their real estate professional. Their agent can perform a comparative market analysis that will compare their home to other comparable homes in the area. In many cases, homes that offer valuable upgrades, such as quality window replacements will not only sell for more money, but also sell more quickly.

To find out more about upgrading to Energy Star windows in your home, contact a reputable local window installment professional today. They will be able to answer your questions, as well as help you choose and install Energy Star windows to improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal, increase comfort levels and make it less expensive to heat and cool throughout even severe weather.

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