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Advantages of Fire-Rated Doors

Have you heard of fire-rated doors? If you are part of the commercial building industry, you will have. Most commercial buildings need to have this type of access door.

image - Advantages of Fire-Rated Doors
Advantages of Fire-Rated Doors

If you want to know more about fire-rated doors and the benefits and advantages they bring, even to a residential building, keep reading, as you will find a very in-depth discussion of fire-rated doors and why they are worth the investment.

What is a Fire-Rated Door?  

The first thing you need to do is learn more about fire-rated doors. There is more than one kind of fire-rated door, and the most common ones are fire-rated access doors and panels. They come in any type, size, and thickness, depending on the purpose and the fire rating. A fire-rated door is fire-resistant and composed of materials like wood, steel, and fiberglass, or all of them together.

They have become a beneficial innovation, especially in the construction industry, and have since become a requirement under the NFPA and International Building Code (IBC).

Are There Different Fire Ratings?  

Fire-rated doors come in different fire ratings, depending on how long they will last when a fire does break out at your property. You can easily find a fire-rating sign on it or its packaging, as required under the NFPA code.

The fire ratings depend on how long a fire-rated door can stand before it starts burning up. The fire resistance usually runs from 20 minutes, the shortest, and 180 minutes, the longest.

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Can You Find Them in Commercial Buildings?  

The most common type of fire-rated doors that you install in commercial buildings are the access doors and the panels. They come in suitable sizes and have the proper fire rating for easy and convenient installation.

A fire-rated access door or panel also comes with an aesthetic finish to not ruin the whole appeal and design of a building and its theme.

It does not mean that these fire-rated doors are only for commercial use. You can also choose to have them in your residential properties to enjoy the benefits and advantages they bring compared to a standard door.

What Advantages Do Fire-Rated Doors Have? 

There are many advantages to choosing a fire-rated door for your commercial or residential space compared to standard or glass doors. Aside from adhering to building codes, you would also be able to benefit from these additional features:

  • Safety: The primary purpose of a fire-rated door is to resist and slow down the spread of fire and smoke in enclosed spaces. A fire-rated door will be handy when a fire breaks out on your property.
  • Security: Another prominent feature of a fire-rated door is security. Because of its unique build and the optional locks, you can have with it, it provides a more secure entry for your property against fire and unauthorized access.
  • Insulation: Did you know that fire-rated doors come with their insulation? Because they come from materials like fiberglass, you would be able to enjoy having a door that also helps decrease the energy costs of your property.
  • Appeal: Another thing about fire-rated doors is that they come in very appealing designs. Some fire-rated doors can pass off as a standard doors, and you won’t even realize that they have fire-resistant qualities unless you take a closer look.
  • Lessons Property Damage: Having a fire-rated door also decreases the chances of property damage. It is because it slows the spread of fire from one area to another and gives firefighters time to extinguish it.
  • Durability: Another advantage is that fire-rated doors last long. They are made of quality materials and are durable to withstand heat and fire, so you can be sure to have your doors for a long time.

Choosing a fire-rated door will be a worthier investment. If you have the ways and means and want to enjoy the benefits, you should select a fire-rated entry for your commercial or residential properties.

You will have a secure access door that looks appealing and the added benefit of fire resistance, which adds to the security and safety of your building.