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Air Conditioning Installation: 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Company

Can you believe that around 91% of American households have aircon? Evidently, it’s one of those essential mod cons that we all need nowadays. After all, how could we go about our hectic daily routines if the heat is unbearable?

Finding the right team to carry out your air conditioning installation is important. If they get it wrong, they can cause damage to your property, and you might not have good enough airflow for your needs.

image - Air Conditioning Installation 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Company
Air Conditioning Installation 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Company

In this quick guide, we’re going to talk about three tips that can help you find the right aircon installers for your home. Let’s run through them.

Read Reviews

After finding some local AC installation specialists, your first port of call is to read reviews about them. It can be tempting to just look on their websites, but any business with common sense is not going to put bad testimonials up.

The best way to find out the truth about a business is to check out independent reviews. We’re talking about reviews by verified customers of a company on a separate website to the business.

A good place to find such reviews is on Trustpilot. Although, there are various other resources out there where you can find legitimate reviews. For example, Facebook may have customer reviews for air conditioning installers that you can check out.

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Experience and Credentials

If you want an air conditioning installer that won’t botch things up, then make sure they have decent experience. You can ask a company directly what sort of experience they have and how long they’ve been in the business.

However, ensure you ask about the experience of the particular technician they are sending out to you. It may be that the company has experienced and competent technicians, but they could have been planning on sending out an apprentice.

It’s also important to look for credentials with an AC repair and installation service. Any AC installer worth their salt will have a decent website that clearly states their credentials. A solid example of the type of website you should be looking for is Kandsac.com.

Find Out Their Response to Times

Once the company you choose has installed your AC, you’ll want to know how long it would take them to come and fix it if you have any issues. They may have done a stellar job with your installation, but it’s less than ideal if they take 24 hours to come to do AC maintenance!

Furthermore, find out if they have an emergency repair service. And if so, is the service 24/7 or not?

Get The Right Air Conditioning Installation Service

To find the right air conditioning installation service start with reviews. Then check on their experience, credentials, and response times. In the end, if you find the right AC installer, you won’t need to ever find another one again.

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