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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Spring and Summer

Many say that 2020 was more than 1.2C hotter and that 2021 won’t be any different.

What should you do to save yourself from the warm to extremely hot months? An air conditioning system is a must-have to survive through the heat!

It’s time to ready your air conditioning system for the upcoming spring and summer heat.

Read on for some ways to prepare your air conditioning system to survive through the heat this year.

image - How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Spring and Summer
How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Spring and Summer


A tune-up will help tell you if you need an air conditioner replacement. It also shows if there’s a flaw or damages to your air conditioning system. To get a tune-up, call an air conditioning company to have a technician inspect your AC unit.

This is the perfect time to know what other air conditioner repair your unit needs. They will provide a full report on your unit’s condition and maintenance.

This is an important step in making sure your air conditioning system is ready for spring and summer.

Clean Your Air Conditioning System

Part of air conditioner maintenance is keeping it clear of dirt to make sure that it will be working well. Here are a few simple steps to clean your AC:

Wash Your Unit

Dirt settling in your outdoor air conditioner unit can lead to an increase in bills and can cause damage. Make sure to wipe off or vacuum and rinse with water to ensure there’s no dirt left.

Clear the Drainage Hole

The drainage hole located at the cabinet’s base must be clean so that your air conditioner unit will work. Since the hole is too small, use a paper clip or a small piece of wire to remove small debris and dirt.

Clear Out Exterior of Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning may contain elements such as grass, leaves, and debris. You must remove debris or any vegetation within two feet of the unit every two months.

This allows your air conditioner to pull in the air it needs to control the temperature in your home.

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Change Your Air Filter

Clean air filters can help ensure that airflow is great and can lessen energy consumption by 5% to 15%. It’s best to change the air conditioning unit’s air filter every few months to make sure that it is not clogged.

If there is a decrease in the airflow of your air conditioning systems, replace your air filter.

Call for Maintenance Check

Consider scheduling HVAC maintenance with a reputable air conditioning company. The benefits of calling for an air conditioning company include:

  • Measure air conditioning unit’s airflow
  • Test for refrigerant leaks
  • Capturing refrigerant
  • Checking for seal duct leakage
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence
  • Inspect electric terminals
  • Clean and tighten connections
  • Apply a non-conductive coating if necessary
  • Accuracy check for the thermostat.

It is always best to ask professionals to find and repair the flaws in your air conditioning system.

Prepare Your Air Conditioning System Today!

What are you waiting for? Follow these steps to ensure that your AC unit is ready to help you survive the heat this year!

Do you need more tips for your air conditioning system? Go ahead and browse through our website and discover more of our helpful guides.

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