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All You Need To Know About Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets, as customer review endorses, is the ideal option for giving kitchens a modern, sophisticated look. These cabinets are innovatively designed, and have an extremely appearance simplistic, yet edgy look on the whole. Shaker cabinets earn their fame from the fact that they are durable, functional and simple. What gives these cabinets the particular name is the design- they have dovetailed corners and doors that have a “panel and frame”.
All You Need To Know About Shaker Cabinets
Apex Shaker Vanilla Kitchen

Originally, shaker cabinets were made from the self-grained cherry wood. But with rising demand, other varieties of wood are also used now-a-days, like maple, butternut, chestnut, birch, honey-pine etc. Home makers now have ample options to choose from. They can choose cabinets that match the rest of the decor of the kitchen.

Shaker cabinets have very simplistic designs. The main intent of these cabinets is to enhance the functionality of the kitchen and increase storage space. Hence, these cabinets have doors and drawers that provide effective and sufficient protection to the items that have been stored inside. The dovetailed wooden joints negate the need of nails and glue. These joint structures also allow the wood to expand or shrink in accordance with the atmospheric humidity levels, thereby ensuring that the wood is not damaged in any way.

The doors of shaker cabinets generally have two kinds of finishes: paint grade, and stain grade cabinet doors. Paint grade shaker cabinet doors have either of the two following components- one being the popular frame along with the popular panel, the other being the MDF panel with the popular frame. The prices generally vary according to the quality of wood.

Shaker cabinets can be customized to suit the particular space requirements of a kitchen. Therefore, it is best to carefully measure the amount of space that can be devoted for the installment of these cabinets before finalizing the order.

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