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Your Dream Cooking Space: 5 Easy Kitchen Updates to Get Your There

Your kitchen is likely to be the most important room in your home. This is the heart of your house where you eat and entertain. It’s also a work-horse and quite quickly can be in need of some tender loving care.

Your Dream Cooking Space - 5 Easy Kitchen Updates To Get Your There
Your Dream Cooking Space – 5 Easy Kitchen Updates To Get Your There

5 Easy Kitchen Updates to Get Your There

If you don’t want to break the bank with an expert remodel then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five easy kitchen updates that will give your favorite room the lift it needs.

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  1. Fit Some Lighting Under Cabinets

This kind of lighting is discreet but immediately adds a touch of class to the kitchen. It also makes working on the kitchen counter so much easier.

You’ll be able to see better while reading your favorite recipes and chopping up your vegetables and spices. Decent lighting is a feature that is often overlooked in many kitchens. Installation is usually simple.

Some models are battery-operated. There are even small adhesive puck or dot lights as well as LED strips to choose from. These are a perfect option if you’re trying to freshen up your kitchen on a budget.

  1. Have a New Faucet Fitted

Your kitchen sink is likely to be one of the hardest working fixtures. Faucets can quickly begin to lose their shine and start to look tired.

A more modern faucet is going to bring style to your kitchen. It will immediately stand out and improve the design. Make sure you call out trusted tradesmen like KP Plumbing to ensure any replacements are done expertly and with minimal fuss.

  1. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, try giving them a fresh coat of paint after a thorough clean. The frames and doors may be looking a bit shabby but they may also be completely solid underneath.

Using a bright color that you’re sure you won’t tire of can make a world of difference. Adding some new knobs as well and your kitchen could soon look like new.

  1. Install a Mosaic Backsplash

The walls behind some of the most used areas of your kitchen can quickly become marked and greasy. Make sure you fit a tiled backsplash to make cleaning easier and to give your kitchen an eye-catching lift.

Installing mosaic backsplash tiles can add a real sense of style and color. You can even turn them into a special kitchen feature by limiting them to one specific area.

  1. Improve Your Flooring

There are several ways to give your kitchen flooring a new lease on life. Try adding a colorful rug to spruce up tired looking floors. Kilim rugs are generally easy to clean. They often also have strong patterns which are ideal for hiding splashes.

Painting a wooden floor in one of your favorite colors can hide all sorts of faults. Using a specialist paint will make cleaning the floor a much easier job too.

Our Favorite Easy Kitchen Updates

Small simple touches can help give your kitchen a new and fresh feel. Follow our five easy kitchen updates and you’ll soon have the gorgeous, trendy kitchen you’ve dreamed of.

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