Do You Require an Automated Fire Suppression System?

Do You Require an Automated Fire Suppression System?

Do You Require an Automated Fire Suppression System? — Fire safety should always be taken seriously. All residential and commercial buildings in the USA need to have some sort of a fire safety plan and fire prevention equipment. Most buildings have fire extinguishers and clear instructions what to do in the case of fire.

However, these can prove to be ineffective or insufficient if a large-scale fire occurs. In that case, the entire building, the residents, and the material property inside must rely on the fire fighters and their quick response. Sadly, that is not always possible, which endangers both the people and their property.

Automated Fire Suppression System

Do You Require an Automated Fire Suppression System

Do You Require an Automated Fire Suppression System?

Automated fire suppression systems work independently of your local fire department and other human elements and attempt to extinguish the fire when activated.

Types of Automated Fire Suppression Systems

There are several types of these systems, depending on the method of extinguishing the fire. The most famous and the most common type of these systems is the fire sprinkler system. The water pipes are installed all over the building with sprinklers at their ends. Once the alarm is triggered, these sprinklers discharge water in a shower.

Water mist systems are fairly similar to the sprinklers, with water pipes and sprinklers at the end. However, they function differently. Water mist systems rely on water mist to dissipate heat and to starve the fire of oxygen, thus preventing the spread of fire and potentially extinguishing the fire altogether.

Dry powder systems are relatively new and they have one advantage over the previous two types – the absence of water and potential water damage to electronics and other items. It functions quickly and is fairly effective. However, it does need to be recharged after each use.

Finally, there are gaseous fire suppression systems which use fire-retardant gases to extinguish the flames. These are the least damaging to the material property, as they leave no residue at all.

Businesses Should Have One of These

If you have a commercial building, you know that there are numerous fire safety regulations that you need to follow. You can opt for fire extinguishers and the minimal effort and investment. However, these are only effective if there are people to warn about the fire and handle the equipment.

If you want to protect your commercial endeavor permanently, you need to have an automated system, one which doesn’t depend on people. If an accident were to happen at night or during the holidays, you might get a nasty surprise the next time you go there.

There are businesses which are much more likely to suffer from accidental fires, and these businesses are definitely better off with automated fire safety systems. For instance, restaurants and similar establishments which use fire or heat in general, are among the higher fire risks. There are specialized chemicals which quench cooking fires. Fire systems which use these chemicals should be used in those establishments, rather than a regular fire sprinkler system.

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Large Residential Buildings Are At Risk, Too

Large residential buildings can be equally difficult to manage without an automated fire suppression system. The infamous case of the Grenfell Tower in London last summer, when an entire building was lost to flames with numerous human casualties and significant material damage reaffirm this claim.

Fire experts in Britain have claimed that the catastrophe could have been avoided if the building had possessed a fire sprinkler system. It has since been strongly advocated that all major high rise buildings be fitted with these.

If you are responsible for the fire safety of a building, residential or commercial, you should seriously consider installing automated fire suppression systems as an additional measure of fire safety.

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