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Find a Sprinkler System That’s Right for You

It’s impossible to have your lawn green without sufficient amounts of sunlight and water; it’s the latter part of this healthy equation that can become difficult for any homeowner.

Oftentimes, water isn’t equally distributed on larger properties; some greenery is lucky enough to receive the right amounts of water from rainfall, while other chunks of the lawn wither up and die.

Find a Sprinkler System That’s Right for You

For many people, it’s time to start considering the benefits of a sprinkler system or automated irrigation system; it’s not an overstatement to say that sprinklers are an incredibly efficient means of distributing water.

IMG - Find a Sprinkler System That's Right for You
Find a Sprinkler System That’s Right for You

First, how does one best water your grass? If you drag a hose out to the yard using a portable sprinkler head attached, you may consider installing an automatic sprinkler system.

If that is the case, it’s important to determine the pros and cons of purchasing one so that you have the information needed for an informed decision, especially when it comes to picking a company to do the installation if you do in fact decide to go forward with it.

For example, EZ Lawn Sprinklers is one such operation that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Not only are they incredibly cost-efficient, but their dedication goes above and beyond, insofar as they instruct and teach clients about the do’s and don’ts of irrigation systems after the set-up is complete.

Indeed, it’s important to be able to maintain the system on your own once the sprinklers are present.

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The benefits of installing sprinkler systems are many: convenience is the most obvious, as an irrigation system lets you make watering the lawn less hands-on and strenuous.

You may set a timer for the sprinklers to automatically activate at specific times during the week.

Aesthetics and safety also must be considered; there’s nothing attractive about having garden hoses strewn across your lawn.

If you fail to put the hose away after watering, the ugly sight becomes an invariable side effect. Hoses are also tripping hazards for anyone, especially children and pets who play in the yard.

Sprinkler System
Sprinkler System

In contrast, sprinkler heads emerge from the ground, water the lawn, and then disappear again when finished. This makes automatic sprinklers a safer, more aesthetically pleasing option. Watering at the optimal time is ideal.

Watering the lawn early in the morning is often seen as the best time, as the sun is down and therefore evaporation is minimized – choosing mornings rather than evenings curtails the spread of greenery diseases that can cause even more unwanted drama and problems down the line.

It’s also important to water your lawn when out of town. Summer’s a popular time for going on vacation.

Because you wish to get away doesn’t mean that you should punish your lawn when you return. Sprinklers thereby eliminate the need for asking a neighbor to water the lawn while you’re away.

Advanced sprinkler systems offer weather and soil moisture sensors that deliver the right amounts of water, right when they’re needed.

By sensing rain, advanced systems skip the scheduled watering and avoid over-saturating the lawn to save you money.

Perhaps a reason you haven’t installed sprinklers involves the perceived cost. However, with free quotes made available, you’ll know exactly what the cost is before you even get started.

While there is the option of installing it yourself for a surprisingly low cost, that is primarily for people who fancy themselves handier than the average homeowner; the labor involved can often be grueling, especially if the job is solo.

It’s best to install automatic sprinklers before any landscaping is complete and sod has lain. Otherwise, installing these automatic sprinklers requires certain areas of your lawn to be dug up for pipes to be installed and thus attached to your home’s plumbing system.

In any case, if you follow, at the very least, some of these guidelines, keeping your lawn a healthy shade of green will be easier than you could have imagined!

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