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What is the Average Cost of an Air Conditioning Service in Texas?

There are several times, we would have questioned ourselves, how much the repairman charges to fix the AC.

If you have had this question frequently in your mind, you should read this blog and fix a budget for AC repairs. No person would wish to pay extra or more than what is required to be comfortable.

image - What is the Average Cost of an Air Conditioning Service in Texas
What is the Average Cost of an Air Conditioning Service in Texas

Our blog would help you in getting a better understanding of the expenses for labor and parts for AC repair. Remember, the air conditioning repair costs explained are only for reference purposes.

The exact cost of air conditioning service Magnolia TX depends upon various factors like the expertise and experience of the AC repairman, parts employed, and much more. If you want to get an exact quote, we suggest you call Wrightway Comfort.

Roughly, the cost of air conditioning services would vary from $100 to more than $1000. It is a pretty extensive range. It is difficult to estimate the exact price without looking for or analyzing the unit.

If you want to prepare a budget, you should know the factors that influence the A/C repair cost.

  • The contractor you are selecting
  • Status of your warranty
  • The part that has to replaced or repaired
  • The A/C system’s age

Now, let us discuss the factors that affect the cost of AC repair in detail.

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The Contractor You are Selecting:

Not all A/C contractors charge the same price for repairing the unit. Their prices differ on various terms.

If you are hiring skilled and experienced contractors, they charge high for their services. Do not get disappointed by seeing their estimates.

Their services are worthwhile for the long term. If you hire a contractor who charges a less price, you have to see whether he/she is doing the right job.

At the same time, do not assume, expensive contractors, are best. It is best to analyze and research the contractor before selecting them for your air conditioning service.

Some of the points to keep in mind while hiring an AC repair contractor are:

  • Making sure they provide upfront price quotes (in the form of writing)
  • Checking the online reviews of the company. It is recommended to check Google My Business feedback and reviews.
  • Checking whether they are insured and licensed.

Status of Your Warranty:

Nowadays, all the manufacturers provide a warranty for the AC units. The warranty is planned to include the major AC components cost that needs to be substituted and is defective.

Each AC warranty differs in various terms like how long it continues and what it covers. However, the warranties last for about five to ten years. Very few and reputed manufacturers provide 10 years warranty for the AC unit.

While purchasing, you may find the price of such units to be expensive. But when you look at warranty terms, you find it reasonable.

If you have a valid manufacturer warranty, then the overall repair expenses would be lower.

A lot of house owners do not know the value of a warranty and end up not utilizing it fully. Some void the warranty unknowingly or accidentally.

When does the AC warranty get invalid or void?

  • When the AC is repaired using off-brand or local replacement parts
  • You miss to regularly maintain the AC by calling a licensed tech
  • You did not register the air conditioner with the manufacturer while purchasing the unit or after installing the unit.

If you are not sure whether your AC warranty is valid or invalid, it is best to ask your local HVAC contractor or from the dealer you purchased. They would check the warranty and determine its status instantly.

Parts That Have to Be Replaced or Repaired:

There are hundreds of parts in the AC system and each function together to cool or transform your home temperature.

The individual parts vary in complexity. It means the cost of replacement or repair varies. Some of the common AC parts that need replacement are as follows:

  • Refrigerant line
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator coils
  • Circuit board
  • Indoor blower motor
  • Outdoor fan motor

Age of the AC System:

If you have a very old A/c, then the repairing cost will be expensive. It is because the system goes through wear and tear and multiple parts fail or require repairs.

For more details regarding air conditioning service, contact Wrightway Comfort.