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Steps to Follow Before Turing Your Air Conditioner On

The best idea before you start to use your air conditioner regularly is to check it for any issues or any maintenance. Pre-checking your system before the regular AC usage helps and saves you from future distress and panic days.

Pre-checking does not mean, you repairing or checking the air conditioner system, but getting it inspected from the air conditioning service Spring TX experts. Only an experienced technician will know what and where the fault lies and the ways to fix them right.

image - Steps to Follow Before Turing Your Air Conditioner On
Steps to Follow Before Turing Your Air Conditioner On

Apart from trusting your technician, there are few things every homeowner must follow before turning your AC system on. These steps are taken from the diary of Crossway Mechanical experts, one of the best air conditioning technicians in Texas.

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  • Start with checking your thermostats. Is it outdated? You can update it with a newer version which would not just save your energy but also your money.

Programmable thermostats are the latest in the market with great features and functions.

  • Is your ductwork good or has worn out? Most of the time, because of damaged ductwork, the AC loses its efficiency or gives a less cooling effect in the home.

If you find any issues with the ductwork, the first step is to contact the Best air conditioning service Spring TX professionals to avoid more damage.

  • The air vents must be free from all kinds of obstruction so that it does not block air from flowing freely. This is mostly ignored by the homeowners resulting in less efficiency and cooling.
  • Make sure your air conditioner drain is clean and free from dirt and everything related. This can be done by flushing out a cup of chlorine bleach down the drain and then rinsing it with enough water to clean it thoroughly.

This process cleans everything that is clogged in the drain giving you a tension-free summer.

If there is a blockage in the drain, it will cause hindrance in the AC drainage system which would lead the water to stop flowing freely. With no space in the drainpipe, the water would take other ways to get out damaging the interior parts of the unit.

It causes serious damage to the air conditioner unit and so must be cleaned at least once in a year by the professionals.

  • Changing your air conditioner’s filter is a must for every homeowner. It is mostly overlooked and ignored.

Air filters are a vital part of the AC which needs constant care and attention for better operation and efficiency.

It must be cleaned or replaced at least once in three months which ignored would cause serious repairing issues in the AC.

Hence contact best AC Services in the USA for cleaning your air conditioner’s air filter and also the entire unit to start fresh cooling in your hot days.

  • Ensure your electrical connections are right and on.

The above are a few indoor AC equipment steps that need to be taken care of regularly. If the homeowners find it difficult to take care, they can always contact the experts like Crossway Mechanical for all kinds of services and repairs.

The next care maintenance steps are for outdoor equipment. They are as follows.

  • The outdoor condenser unit must be inspected for any blockage. This could be vegetation, debris, and anything related.

The circling area around the outdoor condenser must be kept clean and free from obstruction. It must have free space for good operation, which left unattended would affect the air conditioner’s performance.

  • Ensure whether all the panels are rightly placed. If any panel is missing or broken, contact the A/C Services professionals for fixing it right.
  • The refrigerant lines must be properly insulated and the repairing work must be undertaken only by the experienced professionals.
  • If your air conditioner has reached its expiry age, it is best advised to replace it, no matter how hard you have tried to maintain it.

The maximum age for your retired AC life is no more than two years and that too if it has been maintained in the best and perfect condition.

Once done checking the outdoor and indoor unit for any repairs and wear, switch on your AC by following the below steps.

Step 1 – The temperature in the thermostats must be set in low temperature

Step 2 – Check for any unusual sound in the outside condenser. Also, the unit must produce warm air outside.

Step 3 – Once your system has been run for good 10 to 15 minutes, if there is no cooling, contact the experts as early as possible.