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1212 4 Axis Small ATC CNC Router for 3D Wood Workpieces

The Elephant CNC is a china based company that’s making different tools for engraving and cutting for a long time now.

If you’re a professional woodworker and you work with 3D designs, you may like this masterpiece easily. It comes up with everything you’ll need.

This one is a budget-friendly wood router that comes up with great features and facilities. However, the market price is lower than other machines when compared as the manufacturing was done in China.

image - 1212 4 Axis Small ATC CNC Router for 3D Wood Workpieces
1212 4 Axis Small ATC CNC Router for 3D Wood Workpieces

In this article, we’re going to review this Elephant CNC router and share its features with you to give you a decent idea about what it’s capable of doing at ease.


The Swing Technology

For better 3D work, this one comes up with a spindle kit. The spindle kit can easily swing between 90 degrees both ways to give you better flexibility.

It can simply meet the processing requirement of 3D engraving. Cutting through wood and making different shapes is pretty easier with this device because of its swing technology.

Quick Tool Changing

It comes up with a fast and quick tool-changing system. The Elephant CNC is calling this method a Linear tool changing. With this, you can easily change your tools and save time.

This technology is cost-sensitive as well. It saves processing time and other changing costs. Besides, it gives you the versatility of using multiple tools easily.

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High-Quality Global Cnc Kits

There are several kits that come up with the package of this CNC router machine. The servo motor ensures problem-free long-time work.

The Siemens controller is awesome and it helps to maintain everything pretty perfectly. With these tools, your woodwork is perfect and precise.

Smart Ideal Size

The Elephant CNC comes up with a smart table size in order to provide you with space savings. You can do everything on the table-sized machine at ease. It’s ideal for different types of jobs.

Some people tend to buy it for their personal DIY jobs. But it can handle the huge workload as well as it’s made for business purposes.

The exact usage of this machine is automatic woodwork. You can work with different types of woods and make different 3D models.

With the great mechanism, it can deliver you long-term and hassle-free engraving through the wood.

You can work on other materials also like ply, acrylic, plastic, or MDF. This is highly versatile for different woodworking projects.


The Elephant CNC wood engraver is the best choice for those who want a low-cost router machine to work with woods and other 3D paintings. This one is ideal for any kind of wood engraving and 3D manufacturing.

The features are pretty decent and the price it’s holding is pretty lower. However, the DXTECH Laser Cutter machine is also durable and requires regular maintenance to stay good.

There are several benefits to utilizing engraving cutters in your manufacturing process.