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LHD Machine: Its Mechanism and Tasks

LHD Machine: Its Mechanism and Tasks

LHD stands for Load, Haul, and Dump. LHD machines are basically heavy-duty machines that are used for mining applications.

Hard rock mining applications are suitable for an LHD machine. These machines are basically 4 wheelers and they are made for running with heavy loads and working with metric tons of weight.

When you learn about the LHD machine type, you may wonder what are the specs of these machines, how they work, and how they are made.

Well, they are made of heavy high-quality metals. They are used in different mining projects. Some metal casting foundry like the Dawang casting foundry uses this kind of heavy stuff as well.

image - LHD Machine: Its Mechanism and Tasks
LHD Machine: Its Mechanism and Tasks

In this article, we’ll be discussing this machine type, how they are made, their power, their tasks, and everything else. By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea about this LHD machine. Let’s get started!

The Body

LHD machines are giants and they come up with powerful and strong movers. Besides, the drive train technology is great too! These help the machine to work with a heavyweight load.

The articulated steering helps the operator to run the machine properly. Heavy planetary axles are made with high-quality iron to ensure that the LHD machine digs up well.

The body profile of LHD machines is longer, lower, and narrower than makes them most suitable for underground mining activities.

For axial weight distribution, these machines are made with exact length. LHD machines come up with two-part construction to help with tracking. However, there’s a limitation for weight lifting.

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LHD Machine Drives

These machines are highly versatile as they come up with different power options. They are available from Fucheng LHD equipment and they come up with both diesel run and electricity run engines.

However, choosing diesel-run engines is more preferable. Diesel-run engines are versatile and work with speed. They can move anywhere at ease.

The power meter of these two types of engines varies from 75 horsepower to 150 horsepower. The electricity run engines operate with at least 550 V of electricity. Both these types of engines are air-cooled or water-cooled.

For easy movement and operation, these vehicles use high-quality hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps.

These machines are powerful and the built quality must have to be premium in order to make sure that the mining projects are good. Different companies make these machines like FuchengLHD mining or CAT.

LHD Machine Capacity

The capacity of these machines is high as they work with heavy and raw things. The capacity of an LHD machine varies from 18 metric tons to 25 metric tons which is pretty huge.

The bucket size of an LHD machine is bigger also. The bucket size varies from .8 to 10 m^3. The bucket height of these machines is between 2.5 meters.

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