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7 Bathroom Renovation Tips That Save Your Money

While doing bathroom remodeling Annapolis, there are so many things that you need to consider.

You want to have a nice and cozy bathroom but then it will cost you more than your budget. The tips below can help you save some money.

image - 7 Bathroom Renovation Tips That Save Your Money
7 Bathroom Renovation Tips That Save Your Money

1. Choose The Suitable Floor Materials

The first important thing is to think about the floor material of your bathroom; how much maintenance should it be?

You want to install a floor that can stand water and humidity so you don’t need to spend too much money from your pocket for maintenance.

A wide choice of material is available; be sure to choose the best one that suits your bathroom.

2. Remodel Window Frame or Door Frame Instead of a New Door and New Window

You can reduce your cost by doing some renovation on the window frame, door frame, and any other details you think is old or boring.

A simple change will make a big difference in the look of your bathroom; after you do this, you won’t have to spend too much money on a new door and window frame.

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3. Look At Energy-Saving Options

Save more money from your pocket by using energy-saving products. Your bathroom is a part of your house; you need to spend less to maintain it.

It is true that the energy-saving products will cost you some extra bucks but the savings can help you save a lot.

Water-Wise Showerhead

If you want to save some more money from your budget, consider changing the showerhead with water-wise one.

The water-wise shower head is very useful for your bathroom; it can save you water as well as money. You will be surprised when you see the difference between this one to a regular shower head.

Low-Flow Toilet

Another thing that will help you save some more money is installing a low-flow toilet system.

A low-flow toilet with a built-in macerating pump is an ideal option if your home has low water pressure or if your bathroom is located in the basement or the upper floor. The macerating pump ensures a powerful flush by grinding solid waste and pushing the gray water to your home’s septic tank or sewage system.

This kind of toilet uses less water but it won’t compromise how things are done. It is more convenient and comfortable to use less water.

4. Paint the Old Tiles

You want your bathroom as new as possible but you don’t have enough money for it. You can still achieve a new look by painting the old tiles. This will cost you less than replacing them all.

5. Sink & Vanity

A new sink and vanity will make your bathroom looks stunning; however, it is also not cheap to buy one for your bathroom.

You can use what you have now but then make a change in its look by painting or using something else.

This simple thing that you can do will save money from your budget, so which other tips are there?

6. Diy Solutions

You can look for some DIY solutions if you think the price of installing a new vanity and sink is very expensive.

You can modify what you already have by using do it yourself project. The modification will save you money, but then we need to know that this kind of renovation takes a long time to be done, and sometimes the result may not be the best.

7. Set Up a Bathroom Window

The last thing you can do to save some money is by using natural light from your bathroom window.

You can’t let the sunshine inside your bathroom but then you can open the window and place a mirror in front of this one.

It seems like it’s simple, right? But then it requires more effort than you think.

Putting a window can help you save some bucks. You might think that putting a window will let too much light go into your bathroom, but the truth is by doing this, will reduce your electricity bill when you are using the bathroom.


These are so far the 7 most useful tips to save some money from your bathroom remodeling Honolulu budget.

However, if you want a good result and don’t want to spend too much money on this one, hire a professional designer for the job.

The professional one will choose the best material for your bathroom and it can also help you save some money from your budget.

If you are not sure about the whole process, you can read more tips and guides to starting the bathroom renovation.

There are so many things that you need to consider before doing this one so be sure to be well prepared with these tips first. Good luck!