Are you planning your next home remodel? For many people, deciding how to revamp the bathroom is one of the most difficult parts. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

There are many simple and effective ways to design your perfect new bathroom. This article can help.

For more on our top bathroom interior design ideas, read on for our basic guide.

image - Bathroom Interior Design Ideas 3 Tips for the Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Interior Design Ideas 3 Tips for the Perfect Bathroom

1. Add Glass Shower Doors

The days of dull shower curtains are long gone. Today, glass shower doors are one of the top trending bathroom design ideas. Their sleek and slim design can show off elegance and class in your home.

Glass shower doors can also open up space in a smaller bathroom and give off the illusion of a larger area. While many shower doors and curtains go in and out of style, glass doors are timeless. They also look great in a variety of different style bathrooms.

At Community Glass & Mirror, there is a wide range of beautiful options to choose from. Whether you like tempered glass, frosted glass, or textured glass, adding this into your bathroom is sure to impress.

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2. Incorporate a Unique Pattern

If you have a small or dull bathroom, incorporating a unique pattern into the design can help level it up.

Oftentimes, solid colors in the bathroom can give the feel of being closed in. In smaller bathrooms, large-scale patterns like marble or wide strips can open up space. This can help you feel more relaxed in your home bathroom.

Unique patterns can also show off your own personal aesthetic. You might consider keeping it classic with a simple minimal pattern or going retro with a 1970’s style.

Large-scale patterns also look great on an accent wall or small detail area in the bathroom.

3. Add Plant Details

Another way to beautify your bathroom is to add greenery and plants. This bathroom design idea can breathe life into your space. It can also make your bathroom feel more luxurious and relaxing.

One of the top plants we recommend adding to your bathroom is a hanging eucalyptus plant. Hang a eucalyptus plant on your showerhead so that it’s near steam from the hot water.

When the steam interacts with the eucalyptus, you’ll notice a crisp and clean scent.

This plant also has many benefits like clearing out sinuses, chest congestion, and relieving headaches.

You might also consider adding succulents on windowsills or shelves for added detail. One of the top succulents to have in your bathroom is aloe vera because of the humidity. This design tip can give off a more relaxing spa-like vibe in your space.

Follow These Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Whether you’re looking to revamp your space or add small details, bathroom interior design leaves much room for creativity.

Now that you know our top three bathroom interior design ideas, what are you waiting for? With relaxing plants, unique patterns, and sleek glass details, you can have a more beautiful bathroom in no time.

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