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5 Important Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring

It’s not incredibly difficult to paint a room. However, even the easiest painting projects require a lot of time. Between prepping your area to be painted and layering on multiple coats, who knows how long a DIY paint job will take.

Just as importantly, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to make major mistakes that will cost you even more time. Instead, consider hiring a professional painter to do the work for you.

image - 5 Important Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring
5 Important Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring

But how do you find the best painting companies? In our opinion, it’s about knowing the right questions to ask a painter.

Not sure what they are? Keep reading for the top five questions you should be asking.

1. What Type of Experience Do Your Painters Have?

One of the best reasons to hire a professional painter is if you want a complicated or difficult design. For example, many homeowners are opting for geometric patterns, straight lines, and other styles they aren’t capable of producing on their own.

If this is the case, you must ensure the painter you hire can handle the job. Ask the company what experience their painting contractors have with complex designs and custom paint jobs.

2. Do You Carry Insurance?

One of the most important questions to ask a painter is whether or not they carry insurance. This is vital if you want to make sure your home, valuables, and other property are protected.

For example, if a painter accidentally spills paint onto your furniture or breaks a window, their liability insurance will cover the costs. If they don’t have insurance, it might be a battle to get the financial compensation you deserve.

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3. Can You Provide References?

Next, verify the credibility and quality of services by getting a list of references from the painter. You can also go online to find customer reviews and testimonials. This is an essential step when choosing a painter.

Some companies, like Metro Painting, have examples of their work posted on their websites. This way, you can see exactly the types of results you can expect when working with their company.

4. Does Your Company Perform Background Checks?

When hiring a painter, you must consider the safety and security of your home and house members. After all, you’re inviting a complete stranger into your home for several hours or days. How do you know they are trustworthy individuals?

For this reason, ask the painting company if they perform background checks on their employees. This is especially important if you live alone or have children.

5. Will You Give Me a Free Estimate?

Finally, one of the most practical questions to ask a painter is how much their services cost. How much does it cost to hire a painter?

In most cases, painting companies will give you a free quote based on the services you require. However, you don’t have to choose a company just because they gave you a quote.

We recommend getting several estimates and comparing their prices to make the best choice.

Do You Have Questions to Ask a Painter?

Are you looking for a professional painter to add new life to your home? If so, remember the questions to ask a painter listed in this article. Take your time to vet your options before making your choice.

And if you want more tips on how to improve your home or save money on renovations, you’re in the right place.

Browse through some of our other articles to find more helpful information. Our website was created to help homeowners like you.

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