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How to Find Local House Painters for Your Next Painting Project

These days, it’s kind of hard to do a great job painting – there is not only a lot of care and finesse involved in the job, but also many dangers and accidents that can happen (even accidents involving color choices, materials, choosing the right or wrong paint, and so much more).

Therefore, it’s best that you find local house painters for your next painting project, but how do you actually get it done?

image - How to Find Local House Painters for Your Next Painting Project
How to Find Local House Painters for Your Next Painting Project

We’re going to tell you how to find the right house painter right here at home (or in this case, there – since you’re probably not where we are) and why it’s best to hire locally!

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The First Step – Shop Around

Always look around your local area and check prices. Don’t just stop to get one bid from a group of painters, and then think that they’re the best.

You want to find out how credible they are at the work they do, as well as how well they do the job and treat their customers. If they have a website, that’s a huge plus – you can sometimes get reviews and testimonials from their recent clients.

But you should also check locally online on search engines, and see how that compares to your surrounding neighbors.

Word of mouth goes a very long way and you can ensure that if your neighbors love them, then you might (but don’t let that alone weigh your decisions).

Insured or Bust

One thing you need to do is make sure that your painting contractor has a general contractor’s license or a painting contractor’s license.

This can mean that they took the time to work their way up from being a basic “greenhorn” and made it all the way up the journeyman’s ladder to become more than just an apprentice – ultimately owning their own business because they did such a good job – and took the time to actually learn how to do a wonderful job.

Aside from this, you also must make sure they’re insured.

You don’t need to be liable for a slip, trip, fall, or even partial damage that can result from a minor accident (even as harmless as putting the wrong color choice of paint – many contractors that have a service guarantee can ensure that they take care of themselves enough to take care of your home too).

Don’t Sign Anything

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is signing a contract before you know exactly what you’re getting into.

If your contractor starts to push certain things on you and continues to insist things that are against your wishes (it’s one thing to leave a subtle hint, but they should never push you to change your mind and get things that are always more expensive), then you should tell them goodbye and look elsewhere!


One of the best things you can do is find the right painting crew to paint your home – you have so many benefits to gain from this.

You can end up not having to worry about doing everything yourself, and as mentioned above, it’s more than just safety. You can also ensure that you are well taken care of and that the right tools are used without having to deal with all of the stressors yourself.

Don’t hesitate to hire your painting crew after shopping around today! And remember to always go local – this way you can always have solid communication with your painter.

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