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The Ultimate Secret to Choosing the Best Locks For Your Storage Units

Buying a lock for your storage unit is a priority. It is frustrating to lose your valuable items – bicycles, mobile devices, books, wallets, tools, items – due to unwanted access.

Fortunately, the locks are everywhere. You can buy them in the nearest grocery stores, hardware shops, and even retail outlets near your residence. Some locks appear heavy, while others are handy as a hack.

But here’s a catch: not all of them are what they appear. In fact, due to the massive production of locks in the industry, choosing and buying the best ones have become a challenge.

image - The Ultimate Secret to Choosing the Best Locks For Your Storage Units
The Ultimate Secret to Choosing the Best Locks For Your Storage Units

What makes the best locks? How to spot them right away? Worry no more for here’s the ultimate secret to choosing the right locks for your storage unit.

Have You Heard About the Ultimate Lock Feature: Buy it Now!

The anti-drill plate. I know you have probably heard about this many times before. But what is an anti-drill lock feature exactly? And, what does it do?

An anti-drill lock is a highly customized lock feature made to smoothly fit diverse storage unit bodies. Usually made of steel, it shields critical areas of the vehicle reachable by thieves: lock rod and inner handle. As such, it also blocks thieves’ view of the side and rear portions of the door.

Because of the presence of the anti-drill plate, placing pull handles on the door of your storage unit is no longer necessary. Coincidentally, this eliminates chances for break-ins.

This feature is known for its ability to rotate at the slightest drilling pressure. More so, even when they, say, have successfully broken into its surface platform, it will soon confront them with at least 2 layers of inner stainless steel bars.

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Finally: The Ultimate Secret to Choosing the Best Locks

The secret to choosing the best locks for your storage unit is not really that big of a secret after all: it just lies in the style and type.

These two qualities help you easily spot the best locks to buy. As such, lock designs vary from one brand to another, but they all boil down to the type.

Through this guiding quality, you will not have to buy randomly from a whole array of locks. Moreover, by getting to know these lock types (and styles, since manufacturing style is unique per brand), you can easily picture out the lock you need.

There you go. That’s our ultimate secret. But, which lock types are best to buy?

  • Cylinder Lock

The cylinder lock is one of the most common lock types. But despite its being commonplace, not everyone is familiar with the lock type, or at least of its name. After all, naming is a technical business.

So, here you go.

The disc lock is placed on the side of the door. It is the lock with a bolt that protrudes from the door’s side when keyed on and tucks in when released.

What is advantageous of this type of lock is that it does not expose any bars or extensions outside the door for robbers to cut and drill.

It is also neat and practical to use on roll-up doors given that it is supported by a latch plate. The latch plate secures the bolts held on the latch plate hole.

  • Disc Lock

The disc lock is basically a padlock for self-storage units. For that reason, it is consistently recommended by self-storage unit owners for its ultra-secure configuration.

Like the cylinder lock, it is made of strong steel from the inside out. Perhaps, some brands have even stronger steel compared to cylinder locks.

It is also similar to the cylinder lock in terms of the absence of extended bars. Although some styles have hasps, they are designed inconspicuously, making it unreachable for cutting or drilling.

The disc lock is most notable for its tight bolt movement. Meaning, it takes the least time to exit from one side of the hole, and then enter into another. Its bolts and body are particularly thick that it is impossible to break it apart.

The disc lock, due to added features, tends to be more expensive than the regular padlock. It also takes time to be put up. But that should be all worth it!

What types of locks require second thought before purchase?

  • Padlock

The padlock, being the most common of the types, is undoubtedly overrated. Made from weak steel, easily-manipulated bolt system, and exposed hasps, the padlock is weakest security standards.

The padlock is technically the former, unenhanced version of the cylinder lock. Even with a shackled configuration, it is still easy to drill and cut.

For this reason, padlocks have been discouraged from self-storage units.

  • Combination Lock/Keyless Lock

Yes, the combination lock or keyless lock requires no key and keeps you from the trouble of keeping an eye on your key. However, that is essentially just what is there.

Worst, suppose you opt to re-key a lost one, you would be surprised to know how easy it is to do.

Imagine how easy it is also for other people, especially the crafty ones, to fit a customized key into the storage unit lock and eventually break-in your unit.


Coincidentally, there are two types to avoid and two types to buy. The deal in choosing and buying locks is simply predicated by conceptions of the lock’s type and style.

While brands heavily stylized locks, it should not easily hype you upon buying the item. After all, the core essence of a lock is the basic security it provides to your storage unit. Choosing the best locks for your storage unit is a basic affair.

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