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Is a Key Lock Better Than a Combination Lock?

One can argue that the key lock is better than a combination lock and that the inner mechanisms of the combination lock are not as strong as a keyed padlock.

But, each kind of lock has its advantages and disadvantages. And depending on the use and purpose of the lock, each type is beneficial.

image - Is a Key Lock Better Than a Combination Lock
Is a Key Lock Better Than a Combination Lock?

When considering a lock for your locker or for protecting any other asset of yours, there are a few questions to ask yourself—asking the right questions is crucial in determining the type of lock that will be advantageous for the purpose.

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Is a Key Lock Better Than a Combination Lock?

Three significant concerns determine whether a combination padlock or a key lock is best suited for your purpose.

Firstly, ask yourself whether what happens if you happen to misplace the key or forget the combination of the lock.

Secondly, consider a scenario where you need emergency access, and you do not have the key to yourself. Most importantly, considering the security of the lock that it provides.

Before we further discuss the level of safety measure each lock provides, let’s understand how each lock works.

A key lock runs on a simple mechanism that is only accessible with a key, and it is difficult to access it otherwise.

A combination lock is easily accessible both ways, with a combination code or a key. It is also possible to override the code by trying out each number systematically.

Most combination padlocks are often reset once they are open. Moreover, combination padlocks are highly convenient to use.

If you tend to lose keys or forget them here and there, the combination lock will be comfortable to use, as it does not require the key to have access.

You can always use the combination code. With a key lock, only the rightful owner with the right key can open the lock.

But with combination locks, anyone who knows the code can easily open the lock, as well. So, in terms of safety, combination locks are not as safe as key locks.

Insurance companies do not cover anything which uses combination padlocks. However, combination padlocks are highly convenient when many people need access to the same locker or area.

And the best part about combination padlock is one does not have to have the key to the locker on them at all times to have access, is very comforting. Get the most out of the services from the locksmith in Cleveland.

When it comes to making a decision, it depends on the value of the assets you are protecting. If it is something precious and dear to you, it is highly advisable to increase the security of your asset than merely relying on the combination padlock, which is easily accessible.

With a combination padlock, there is the issue of cracking the code of the combination padlock by systematically trying each number and for each different combination of codes.

A 3 dial padlock, which has ten digits on each dial, is easily crackable by professional thieves in less than under 40 minutes.

And, in case of a four dial lock, the lock is crackable within a maximum time frame of three to four hours.

So, it is always highly advisable never to use combination padlocks in areas that do not guarantee security, like in a remote area or an area that is unmonitored for a longer duration of time.

Combination Padlocks are also easily crackable with the help of various technical methods and tools, and this is one of the essential factors to consider and be aware of when you plan to buy a combination padlock.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Padlock

A high-security lock is not enough; there are certain factors to take into consideration when deciding upon a lock.

You may have a lock that is high-security, but it is of no use if you cannot install it properly, or the door on which you are installing the lock is not as sturdy enough to withhold external forces.

If you have assets that one can call it high-value assets, then chances are intruders and thieves will try much harder to get their hands on them.

The value of the assets is an essential factor when considering choosing a lock type. If they are not that valuable, chances are thieves won’t go after them, and a simple low-grade lock will do the trick.

And, most importantly, do not forget to factor in the environment when choosing a lock. The atmosphere in which the padlock is to stay for the maximum duration of time makes a significant difference.

A padlock that will be near or in a water body should be weatherproof, so withstand the extreme weather conditions.

A corrosion-resistant padlock is usually in stainless steel, or a Nickel brass plating is best suited for outdoors. In contrast, the other various materials available for padlocks are suitable for the indoors.

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