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Here’s How to Find the Right Commercial Painters for the Job

Commercial painting is in demand as many businesses improve the appearance and appeal of their buildings as things get slowly back to normalcy during this pandemic.

Choosing the right commercial painters in Brisbane like SurePaint goes a long way to determine the quality of the project’s outcomes.

With the right commercial painters, you can rest assured that your needs will be met. Choosing commercial painters to handle your next project can be a hassle.

With several painters claiming to be the best, the chances of hiring one that will deliver a sub-par performance are high.

This article analyses some of the important factors to keep in mind when selecting a commercial painter.

image - Here’s How to Find the Right Commercial Painters for the Job
Here’s How to Find the Right Commercial Painters for the Job

Referrals are Often the First Line of Action

One of the very first lines of action to take when looking for a commercial painter is a referral.

If you have come across some commercial buildings whose paint job appears excellent and breathtaking, asking for a referral will connect you to a professional with little or no stress attached.

You should also note that customers are more likely to recommend a contractor with a good working relationship.

People will also warn you away from certain commercial painters whose jobs may be good but have bad customer service, overcharge customers, or have a bad work ethic.

While seeking referrals, be sure to ask a few questions about the contractor-customer experience as well as the pricing,

Go Online, Search and Read Online Reviews

In addition to asking for referrals and recommendations, you should also do a little bit of research into the commercial painters in your community.

Looking outside of your community for a commercial painter may be a good idea, but this will significantly increase the project cost.

Having searched for the local painting contractors in your community, make a list of them, including the recommended commercial painters, and begin to read reviews from past customers.

Not having a review may not necessarily be a red flag, especially if the commercial painting company or contractor does not have an online presence.

Be sure to take note of the negative reviews and the contractor or company’s response to both the good and bad reviews. This is indicative of their customer service.

You can begin to cross out potential commercial contractors from your list based on the prevalence of bad reviews from past customers they have served.

Doing this will help to increase your chance of getting the right outcome. If the company has an online presence, for example, a website, explore their page to see some of their past work.

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Hunt for Licensed and Insured Commercial Painters

When selecting a doctor, you look for one trained in the particular field that you need help in. The same goes for a commercial painter.

You must look for a commercial painter that is licensed and insured. You should also look for a commercial painter that has insurance coverage.

Choosing a painter with insurance coverage will significantly reduce your stress, and the financial burden should an accident occur while you are on the job.

If the commercial painter does not have insurance coverage, the liability is passed on to you – because the accident happened on your property.

This can set you back a few thousand dollars and increase the project cost. In addition to this, you can’t get a refund from an uninsured painter, especially if they have done a bad job that requires you to hire another professional to perfect.

Interview Them

After narrowing down the original list of commercial painters, you can then begin to meet with them to discuss your business.

While interviewing the company or their representative, you should aim to establish;

– How many years have they been in business?

– Whether they have handled a project similar to yours

– What the charges are for your project

– Additional services offered that you can benefit from

– Do they offer custom jobs?

– What kind of painting materials are used?

– Is the job outsourced or handled by employees?

By answering all of these during the meeting, you will get an idea of whether to hire the company or not.

While interviewing the commercial painter, watch out for evasive strategies, especially when trying to avoid answering certain questions directly. This may be a major red flag.

Discuss your Wants and Needs

A commercial painter should be ready to give you an audience to share what your dreams are for the project.

During this meeting, you will be offered different commercial painting ideas, including the creation of signage and graphics, custom color matching, color selection, and color-coding, and more.

When hiring a commercial painting company, it is best to look for one that can handle all of the processes and needs at once.

This will save you the stress, hassle, and added cost of hiring multiple contractors.