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Beautiful Tiny Homes in New York State

It is Possible to Live in Tiny Houses in New York State!

There are many different types of homes available in the city, on farms, and out in the country. Tiny houses can be used as vacation or summer homes (cabins), a place for a caretaker to live while a property is being renovated, a writer’s retreat, an artist studio, overflow space for family members, etc.

They also make great rental units for tourists or seasonal workers. Many tiny houses have been built with foundations even though they may not appear to be permanent structures because it makes them less likely to be classified as campgrounds/trailers and more like livable cottages that meet all building codes.

image - Beautiful Tiny Homes in New York State
Beautiful Tiny Homes in New York State

In some cases, building codes require a tiny house to have an approved foundation before the building is up, but in other cases, you can get away with simply having wooden skids. If there are any questions about whether the structure would meet building code requirements, make sure you check with your local building inspector before finalizing plans. It is very helpful if they can see a drawing of what you plan to build that includes all dimensions and angles/slopes of roofs and walls.

When Considering Sites for your Tiny House

When considering sites for your tiny house, think about where you will use it most often—on vacation in the summer or on weekends? Do you want to be on the coast or nearby lakes, rivers, or mountains? How about an old farmhouse surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland? If you like to be near other people, consider the small towns dotted throughout the state. Here are some examples of tiny houses available in New York State:

On Staten Island, there is a charming little house currently on the market for about $68K (see photo below). It may not fall into the category of “tiny” at over 200 square feet, but it is indeed quaint! On Shelter Island just off Long Island’s coast, many cottages are under 400 square feet. This particular one is under 300 sq. ft. It also comes with its outdoor shower and even an outhouse! Visit this website to see all the listings of tiny homes for sale on Shelter Island.

This cute Little Home is Available in Central New York

This cute little home is available in Central New York for $14,000. It’s just over 400 square feet and comes with a deck! The owner is helping to support tiny living by offering this cottage at such a reasonable price. This house is listed on the Tiny House Listings website.

On Keuka Lake near Penn Yan, there are several places you can rent for an upcoming vacation or long-term stay. These homes are all very reasonably priced—starting at about $900/month. Visit the rental site here.

New York State Parks allow camping year-round except during mud season (usually March-May). There are many beautiful locations suitable for tiny houses throughout state parks including one site right outside Watkins Glen that has incredible views of Seneca Lake.

It is called the Schuyler Meadows Campground and it has 73 small more primitive sites that can be rented for $13/night. There are even some parks that allow you to rent a regular campsite with electricity, water hookups, and sewer spigots for $28-$37/night. Visit the New York State Park Website to locate all of the state park campgrounds.

If you don’t need amenities like electricity or running water, there are quite a few public lands available in NYS for free or with an inexpensive camping permit. This includes places like Adirondack Parks where they have lean-tos or camping cabins to stay in—and again no amenities. Some require hiking deep into the forest whereas others are closer to a road. To check out these camping areas, visit the DEC website.

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Of course, there is always BLM land which is generally free or very cheap and can be found all over the country. These sites generally have no amenities but will have outhouses nearby for your convenience. In New York State, you can find BLM land in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie & Niagara Counties.

Finally, if you want to go off the beaten path a bit and build on vacant property without going through any legal channels, here’s an article with some helpful suggestions: ” Tiny House Off The Grid: How To Build Your Property ” by Jonathan Rees. If your tiny house is built on a foundation, it may be looked upon as an accessory structure that could provide some legal protection against possible future changes in local laws.

If you know of any other locations or even people who are open (and legally allowed) to host tiny houses for short-term or long-term stays, let us know! We would love to expand this list and help get the word out about this growing movement.

Have Fun Dreaming up your Ideal Spot

Have fun dreaming up your ideal spot. Maybe there is one perfect spot that already exists one I haven’t mentioned here? You could always go to Craigslist and search their “housing wanted” section for additional leads. If you find somewhere, tell us about it so we can add them to our list!

And, of course, if you want to share pictures of your tiny house vacation online, follow us on Facebook. We always love seeing other people’s relaxation spaces.

Tiny houses offer an affordable and sustainable option for individuals who are looking to explore the world without giving up too much comfort. I know that it seems like a big jump to go from camping in a tent to living full-time in a house so small it’s almost nonexistent but it can be done! The beautiful thing about tiny houses is their mobility they are easy to move around the country or even take with you when traveling abroad! Plus, they are surprisingly durable–if treated right, these homes should last you decades.

Some will say that tiny homes “live largely” but I consider them to be a perfect size. They don’t waste space with unnecessary halls, extra bedrooms, or multiple levels. This is the kind of house that you travel to see! Tiny houses offer an opportunity for connection connections between people, places, and experiences.

Most importantly, tiny homes allow you to place your roots firmly in one spot without feeling like it’s impossible (or illegal) to move around now and then. So where can you go? As you can imagine there are numerous built-in challenges when it comes to staying off the grid especially if your goal is long-term travel.

We’re not going to lie; living in a tiny house has its drawbacks (for example, they are very expensive compared to a normal house and in most cases require a lifestyle change). If you’re willing to give up things like central heat or air conditioning, an indoor bathroom, and access to hot water then the list of possible destinations becomes much longer.

Many people live without these amenities all year round. Plus, modern technology (internet) is becoming more readily available in both urban and rural settings–it’s much easier than you think!

You may consult and get a free cash offer for a New York house.