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Things to Easily Upgrade Your Bedroom

If it’s time to upgrade your bedroom, it’s easy to assume that it is going to cost you a lot of time and money to do so. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Our tips will help you to upgrade your bedroom without spending months on redesigning things or having to pay for a lot of services to get the bedroom up to scratch.

image - Things to Easily Upgrade Your Bedroom
Things to Easily Upgrade Your Bedroom

Use One Color

Changing your bedroom color periodically is one of the easiest ways to freshen up. Your redecoration doesn’t even have to be particularly complex, instead of being overly ambitious considering the fact that you can just add one color and totally transform the feel of the look.

Modern decor often involves just using one simple, neutral color. This gives you a platform to build upon.

Improve Air Quality in the Bedroom

A lot of us never think about the air quality, but we should. A good and clean indoor air quality is essential. get the quality of the air, get filters installed, or just ensure regular maintenance to get the quality of the air up in the bedroom. 9/10 respiratory problems can be linked to poor air quality.

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Mount More of Your Furniture onto the Walls

If space is at a premium, it could be a good idea to move some of the furniture onto the walls to create a more open bedroom. For instance, you might be able to install folding furniture or shelving units that mean the floor space can actually stay free for other activities or just to give a much more open look to the bedroom.

Be Patient

The ideal bedroom won’t be finished overnight. It takes time to get the exact look that you’re hoping for, especially if you still need to use the bedroom to sleep in during the redecoration.

You may even need to be patient about things like waiting for the right furniture to become available on sale. Think of it as a longer-term project and keep your eyes on the goal.

Make a Statement with Wallpaper

A lot of people want to make a statement in their bedroom. Why should it be boring, after all? Statement wallpaper can give your room an awesome and exciting look, and you can even go down the “feature wall” route if you wish.

Incorporate a Desk

A desk is always useful, even if just to put your makeup on and to do your homework or those days working from home. Desks can fold down from the wall, which is another method of saving space. If you live in a shared house, a desk can be ideal as a method of having your own space in the house where you can work in private.

Experiment with Textures

Textures can come in the form of your bed, interesting wallpapers even whatever is on your floor. Bedrooms tend to look good with a bit of character incorporated and texture can be the ideal way to do so, without making it look too busy or like you have overdone it. You can add textures via curtains, or even wall hangings and pictures.

Add Personal Touches

It’s your bedroom, after all. Try adding some personal touches to give the room more of a welcoming feel for you. Your bedroom design should make you smile.

Personal touches can include souvenirs that you have picked up on your travels, and things that make you think back to trips you’ve enjoyed in the past. One of the most popular personal touches to add is photographs.

Whether you get them to put in beautiful frames or take a more shabby-chic approach and pin-up Polaroid-style pictures, these personal touches can make all the difference. The bedroom is the ideal place for your character to shine through.

The artwork you love, posters from your favorite bands, whatever you see as the perfect way to upgrade the look of the room.

Try Layering for an Inviting Environment

Layering can mean everything from your throw blankets and pillows to the accessories you have on the display such as scented candles and rugs. Think about how you can add more exciting and warm items to give your room a really fun and exciting look to it. A bedroom should look welcoming after a hard day at work.

Don’t Forget the Details

“The devil is in the detail” as the old saying goes. If you are going to redecorate or make changes to your bedroom, don’t forget about all those little details that make up the bigger picture.

It’s the perfect time to get those stains cleaned out of the carpet and make sure everything is in working order, as well as upgrading the look of the bedroom. Small details like how you organize your cabinets can also have a surprising impact on the look.

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