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7 Tips for Renovating Your Bedroom on a Budget

Are you tired of the way your bedroom looks, but you have no idea where to start with a tight budget?

As you browse through your social media accounts and websites, it may seem like the only way to achieve the bedroom of your dreams is to spend more than you’d like.

However, renovating your bedroom on a budget to achieve the look you desire is more than possible on a budget. Read on for our top seven tips to get started!

image - 7 Tips for Renovating Your Bedroom on a Budget
7 Tips for Renovating Your Bedroom on a Budget

1. Choose a Color Theme

It’s important that you start with a color strategy in mind. Different color schemes can elevate a bedroom’s appearance effectively and affordably.

This will also help you make choices about your decor and furniture far easier. Even better, you’ll be less likely to splurge on expensive purchases that may lead to buyer’s remorse later on.

Here are a few simple ways to find a color theme that you’ll enjoy:

  • Choose a neutral color with a bright accent color
  • Find inspiration in your favorite artwork
  • Base colors on statement furniture pieces
  • Consider your bedroom’s theme

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color theme, neutral colors such as gray, white, black, or tan are your best bet. They look great with any accent color.

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2. Bedroom Wall Decorations

Once you’ve decided on a color theme for your bedroom, you’ll want to identify a wall to hang statement wall decorations.

These decorations should be artwork or photographs that are pleasant for you to look at during all hours of the day. They can also reflect the color themes of your room.

Print your own photos through places like Costco, CVS, or Office Depot. You can also purchase inexpensive, modern art through websites such as Society6.

You can even discover public domain, open access art from museum websites that are legal to download and print both for commercial and private use!

3. Pillow and Bedding

Pillow and bedding choices are another affordable way to drastically change the look of your room. When it comes to pillows and bedding, think of them as layers. Use multiple textures and colors in order to give your bed an opulent, layered appearance.

Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors and patterns, especially if the rest of your room is a neutral color.

The best part about bedding materials is that they can be easily replaced if you get tired of your color scheme. VisionBedding has a number of affordable options that you can enjoy.

4. Lighting for Bedrooms

The light for your bedroom can also make a drastic difference in its appearance. Remember to open your curtains and window treatments during the day in order to let in beautiful, natural light.

In the evening, focus on ambient and task lighting that gives a warm, soft glow. Thrift shops often offer affordable table lamps that can be spray-painted in different matte or metallic colors in order to match your aesthetic.

5. Bedroom Curtains and Blinds

When it comes to curtains and blinds, make sure you install them several inches above the top of your window. This will create the appearance of a taller ceiling and a bigger room.

Many people are often shocked by the cost of curtains, especially high-quality blackout ones that enable your room to be as dark as possible when you’re sleeping. However, remember that you can purchase just one curtain panel for a chic and minimalistic look.

Since curtains take up so much wall space, they’re another way to drastically change the appearance of your room without needing to purchase multiple pieces of furniture.

6. Statement Furniture

When you look at the Instagram home decor accounts that you admire, you may notice that photos of their bedroom include at least one statement furniture piece. They don’t just have a bed and wardrobe in their room.

They may also have items such as:

  • A comfy armchair
  • A vanity
  • A chaise longue
  • A loveseat

You can instantly enhance the quality and look of your room by investing in one statement piece that makes sense for you. For instance, if you’re a big reader then you might want to go thrift shopping and find a comfy, upholstered armchair.

Since these statement pieces are typically large pieces of furniture, you only need one–more than that may make your room look too crowded and cramped.

7. Paint or Wallpaper

If you’re not renting your home, consider painting or adding wallpaper to one accent wall of your bedroom.

This can be the wall that your bed’s headboard is against or the wall directly across. A bold color will add a chic look to your room and may not even require additional art.

If you are renting your home, you can still add wallpaper to your room by investing in removable wallpaper. You can even choose a solid color in order to give the appearance of a fresh coat of paint.

Renovating Your Bedroom for a Fresh New Look

Renovating your bedroom on a budget is possible if you have a strategy in mind. Consider themes or color schemes that you’re drawn to and try not to be swayed by what’s on-trend now.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary so don’t hold back when it comes to what you want it to look like!

Once you have a strategy in mind, start with projects that make the most bang for your bucks such as paint or removable wallpaper, statement furniture pieces, and wall decor.

As your bedroom quickly transforms, you’ll probably find more ways to personalize your space without breaking the bank.

Ready for more ways to transform your space on a budget? Keep reading our blog for more tips and techniques!

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