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Creation Workspace in the Bedroom

Usually, people want to divide work and home in all ways possible. Working from home was a privilege for noble people and people of art.

In our time, working from home is usual and sometimes not as comfortable as we want it to be. Major lockdown made most of the people move their workplaces into homes.

image - Creation Workspace in The Bedroom
Creation Workspace in The Bedroom

As well-being experts strongly advise against working in a bed, you need to create a home office properly. And as usual, people do not have a spare room to make it a home office, they needed to adjust it in the bedroom or kitchen.

As more and more people starting work from home, they need to make a special place to do it. Of course, a lot of people have semi-great workplaces at home, but it’s never too late to rethink one or build new ones.

So, no matter what you do for a living – accounting, writing term papers for money, or art – we prepared a few tips on how to make your home office in bedroom great (or greater).


Most of us people prefer not to think about work in the silence of the bedroom. If your workplace will always be in from of you, it could be hard to relax.

It works vice versa with focusing when you look at your bed. So, it’s time to move your furniture a little.

Make your desk facing the window or wall. You’ll be free from bed view. It needs to work both ways, so your computer and documents should not be the only thing you see from the bed.

It’s ideal to place them in perpendicular directions.

Choose the desk carefully. If you need to use the computer and some documents, you will need drawers for storage and some extra space to place it all.

Think about wires too, you need to hide them to make your workplace safe and good-looking. In case you don’t need a lot of paper or use only a notebook – feel free to use a window seat or small trestle table.

Make sure you have enough room for a chair and that it’s comfortable enough to sit all day.

Double-check the space you have. Is it enough for sitting comfortably, stretch a little, move display? If so – great!

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As it was said before, your mental comfort depends on the separation of places where you work and relax. Now it’s time to make sure you can relax in your bedroom.

Do you have drawers to hide all the work-related things after the end of the workday? Maybe you do have a possibility to put a curtain or zone your space in some way? Original mount-in furniture is the best decision.

In this case, you can order a cabinet in which your home office will be mounted. But it’s not cheap and can’t be a good decision if you will not work from home for a long time.

In other cases, you can use folded screens, curtains, or at least a rug to make different zones. The main rule is to hide a lot as possible.

image - Separation


To make your work as comfortable as it possible, you should place a desk where the natural light is. It’s good for mental health and can help to save the risk of eye strains. Perfect if you can do this, the only rule here is to position your workplace in a way that excludes falling sun beams onto your screen.

In case you can’t catch all the benefits of natural light, it’s better to add a desk lamp. Make sure it’s not too bright and stands in the way light falls on the whole workplace without treating unnecessary shadows. Also, the additional light helps with making a whole different zone in the room.


It’s your workplace, but it’s still your bedroom. Despite the workplace should have fewer distractions, you will benefit if it will be decorated a little to fit in your bedroom.

Besides being just cute, you can use this part of the plan to create some additional storage space. Use your walls to pin a calendar, to-do list, or some important notes. Add some shelves and place both books and fairy lights.

Never forget about stationery! Some colorful pens and sticky notes can turn the color scheme of your workspace to fit the room.

Let’s proceed with textile. We’ve mentioned a nice rug before to make a zone. Make it also fits into the overall design.

To please your feet you can choose a really soft one! As you are at work, but also home no one will notice a nice pillow or blanket on your chair, but it will transform your space immediately.

Great if you have textile matching that you used in the bedroom before.

Plants. If you have some really tall ones and they are okay with moving through the room – you can make your workspace more live and also separate it even more.

Plants will hide your computer, and also they will prevent you from seeing too much of a relaxing bedroom sight.

Some General Well-Being Advice for Working from Home:

  • If you are not the only person who is using this space – consider the needs of your roommate. The conflict-free zone is the best zone you can have in the bedroom.
  • Use cues to start and end your workday. No matter how much you do love your work – it’s no need to spend all day in it.
  • Take breaks frequently. Apparently, working from home take away all your activity you make through the day. Let your body feel itself sometimes. Make walks through your room and make little exercise. This little break will help your eyes. It’s also good for brain activity!
  • Think about using climate-control devices if you don’t have ones.
  • Dress in something different from pajamas – it will help your productivity! And also save you from unexpected and awkward zoom meeting.