A mattress is one of the essential things that a human being requires, and in the same way, a mattress heating pad is also crucial. Most people do not entirely know the benefits offered by a mattress heating pad.

When it comes to kids and teenagers, a mattress heating pad provides extensive benefits that most parents or guardians fail to realise. Yes, using mattress heating pads on kids bed has advantages, and in this article, we will discuss all the benefits offered.

While it is not recommended to use mattress heating pads with infants and tiny kids, using it with kids above the age of 6-years does not have any risk. However, the temperature must be kept to a minimum level, and supervision is recommended.

Most commonly kids and teenagers use twin XL mattresses, and there is a common assumption that heating pads are not available for this size mattress, this is not true.

image - Benefits of Twin XL Mattress Heated Pad for Kids

Benefits of Twin XL Mattress Heated Pad for Kids

There are more than a dozen different twin XL mattress heating pads available on the market today. Here are the benefits of using twin XL mattress heating pads.

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  1. It Helps to Improve Overall Health

The improvement of overall health here refers to the development of the kid’s body. Yes, as all of you know, kids grow fast, and most of the growth happens till teenage. The parents or guardians must help the kids by providing them with a maximum right environment for healthy development.

A mattress heating pad is one such accessory that offers an excellent growing environment. As the heating pad puts a slight pressure and warmth on the kid’s body, it increases the blood circulation and also enables the blood vessel to expand.

As these two things happen in the body, the flow of oxygen and the dissemination of nutrients increases, which, in turn, helps in faster muscle growth and also help rebuild damaged tissues. Improved blood circulation also helps to improve the sleeping pattern.

  1. Better Immune System

Most experts wish people knew this advantage offered by a mattress heating pad; it might not sound promising to most people. But, using a heating pad on kids mattress do deliver this benefit.

As mentioned above, the mattress heating pad could improve the blood flow and, therefore, the oxygen flow and nutrient dissemination. This, in turn, helps to strengthen the immune system, which could protect the body against several diseases.

  1. Relief to Stress and Pain

Kids move a lot; they run, jump, swim, dance, fall, and these all add stress and pain to their body. The human body is designed to handle most of this stress and pain, but, the body must get good sleep and rest.

While a mattress could offer maximum comfort, rest, and sleep, a mattress heating pad could make it more efficient.

A mattress heating pad does this by exerting heat on the body and this, in turn, increases the blood flow through the muscles. As the blood flow through the muscle improves, the muscle relaxes, and the pain vanishes.

  1. Could Help to Reduce Soreness

Most kids are very active, and they move around a lot and explore everything around them, which sometimes lead to small incidents that could result in soreness of body parts.

Soreness is commonly caused due to over-fatigued/strained muscles, and one of the best treatment to get rid of soreness is to apply heat, adults often use hot water bags to do it.

When it comes to kids, hot water bags are not that efficient; this is where mattress heating pads come into play. A kid with soreness lying on the mattress heating pad will get the heat treatment without burning their skin. Within a few hours of sleep, the muscle spasm and soreness vanishes.

  1. Offers a Good Sleeping Position

Kids often feel body stiffness, which could be a result of improper sleeping position. This is one of the everyday things that happen to kids; however, if it keeps happening regularly, it could result in terrible health issues.

However, if you are using a mattress heating pad, then it would offer the kid a good sleeping position and therefore, reduce the chance of sleeping in an improper position. On the other hand, kids with body stiffness due to different reasons could find relief from it if they lay on the heating pad.

  1. Convenient and Easy to Use

Bathing in hot water has several health benefits, and it is scientifically proven fact, however, instead of bathing in warm water, if the kids sleep on a heated mattress, the same health benefits could be enjoyed.

While bathing in warm water is a quick process, lying on a mattress heating pad and improving health condition is a slow process, which is comparatively better.


The advantages of a mattress heating pad are diverse, and when it comes to kids, there might be health benefits that are still unknown. However, as of now, they offer excellent health benefits to kids and also at the same time, to adults too.