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Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into a Smart Abode with these 7 Smart Devices

Raising kids is a challenging job, especially when you have to juggle with your hectic schedule. Thankfully, with the enormous advancement in technology, now you can keep an eye on your young ones, without peeping into their room.

Smart home devices can not only make your kids tech-friendly but also, these can assist you in making your abode smarter. After extensive research, we have got a list of smart home solutions for the homes that have curious kids dwelling in them.

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  1. Smart Hubs

Controlling a multitude of smart home devices can be a pain in the neck, as you have to download a separate mobile app for each of them. Fortunately, with a smart hub like Samsung SmartThings V3, you can access all of these devices at once.

Smart hubs offer connectivity with smart lights, voice assistants, and even CCTV cameras, which make them ideal for every home.

With a smart hub, you can control these devices from anywhere with a few taps and clicks on your Smartphone. Also, you have the freedom to set a timer, and schedules to make sure that your kids don’t miss out on anything.

  1. Smart Lights

image - Smart Lights
Smart Lights – Image Credit: Wikimedia

Kids often get afraid of the dark, and to prevent this from happening, you can use an intelligent light like Philips Hue and LIFX. These smart lights have Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity so that you can turn them on/off whenever required.

Moreover, these lights are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, and your kids can use their voice commands to turn on/off these lights.

Philips Hue even has motion detection technology that senses any motion inside the room and turns the light on. You can also set a timer using the mobile app to make sure that your kids hit the bed on time.

  1. Self Making Duvets

Nowadays, most kids hate making up their beds! If you also have the same thing going in your house, then it is better to switch the regular bedding with a self-making duvet. This smart home device comes with a control box that hides beneath the bed.

There is an air chamber connected with the intelligent duvet setup, and you can inflate it with air whenever the kids are about to sleep.

Also, smart duvets have mobile app connectivity, and you can set a specific schedule for the inflation process. As a result, your children have to struggle less with making their beds. Another excellent feature offered by this smart device is climate control.

You can regulate the temperature of the bed easily with your mobile app to reward your beloved with an ideal sleeping temperature.

  1. Voice Assistants/ Smart Speakers

image - Voice Assistants/ Smart Speakers
Voice Assistants/ Smart Speakers – Image Credit: Flickr

Voice assistants and smart speakers have made their way to modern homes. These home automation devices like Alexa, Echo Dot, and Google Home have so much to offer that your kids can actually use them for entertainment as well as educational purposes.

You can connect these voice assistants with other devices like smart lights and smart hubs to ensure that you can control them using a voice command. Also, you can control the lights and other voice assistant compatible devices in your kid’s room without getting up from the bed.

 Isn’t it a handy device?

Your curious kids can use these smart home gadgets to entertain them on the go. Also, it will assist them in improving their speaking skills, as they have to interact with these devices to use them.

  1. Smart Air Purifiers

Irrefutably, pollution and global warming have thrived at a rapid pace! According to some organizations, the air carries some hazardous elements that can lead to a certain medical illness like breathing issues. With smart air purifiers, you can ensure that your kids are breathing freshest air when they are home.

Most of the smart air purifiers have a mobile app and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can turn them on even if you are not home. These purifiers can trap all the hazardous elements while making the air fit and clean. Even your kids can use these smart home devices due to the easy-to-use interface.

  1. Smart Lullaby

Sleeping a kid is not a child’s play, and if you are busy parent things can get even challenging. But with a smart lullaby or alarm, you can get this job done right away. Smart lullabies like UrbanHello REMI can reward your kids with a pleasant and sound sleep.

These smart home gadgets have sleep tracker, and lullaby feature that alerts the kid when it is the time to hit the bed.

Moreover, these devices have alarm clocks, and noise alert feature that will notify you whenever some noise is detected in your kid’s bedroom. REMI is compatible with Wi-Fi, and you can set the alarm or sleeping schedule on the go.

  1. Smart Window Blinds

If you have got some little ones in your home that are not able to reach the window blinds, then it is ideal to use a smart blind instead. With best smart window blind like My Smart Blinds, you can access the control from anywhere.

With these smart home devices, you can fortify your kids from the eyes of trespassers, and from the scorching sunlight.

These blinds are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so your kids can also access them with just a voice command.

Final Thoughts

These are the best smart home devices available right now to make your kid’s room a smart abode. Also, installing these devices is a breeze, and you can do it without any professional assistance. Moreover, these devices will encourage your kids to adopt technology in a positive way.

Do let us know what do you think is the best smart home gadget for your kids, and why?

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