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9 Living Room Rug Ideas to Help Spice Up Any Home

Did you know that the living room is Americans’ favorite room in their homes?

If yours is also your favorite but the decoration isn’t exactly as you want it to be, it might be time for an upgrade.

image - 9 Living Room Rug Ideas to Help Spice Up Any Home
9 Living Room Rug Ideas to Help Spice Up Any Home

One item that you have to think about is the Moroccan rug. With the wrong one, the room will look messy and without one, it’ll look way too empty. Two big no-nos!

So, keep reading as we go through nine living room rug ideas that will up anyone’s home decor game!

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1. Ombre Print

So you want something a little bit more exciting than a single-colored rug but don’t want to go full out with a colorful pattern. The solution is simple: opting for an ombre print.

With this look, your rug won’t be too striking but it’ll still be a tasteful statement piece in the room. Brands like the Karastan rugs offer many colors and styles within the ombre look, so you’ll certainly find one that’s a perfect match for your living room.

2. Layered Rug

If you want to be completely unique, going for a layered look is definitely a good choice. After all, how many times have you visited someone’s home and saw one large rug with a smaller one on top?

When you layer rugs, it’s important that you choose the right combination. As you can imagine, if you go for two crazy patterns that don’t make sense together, the whole look will just become too overwhelming.

A good technique to make sure you choose a winning pair of rugs is to pick a base color for the larger rug and then make a bolder choice for the upper rug, based on your chosen color.

3. Recycled Rug

If you’re on a journey to a greener household, buying a sustainable rug is definitely a step you should take.

Our suggestion is that you look for one that’s made with recycled materials.

With the rapid increase of environmental awareness, this type of product becomes easier and easier to find and buying one means you’ll be reducing your contribution to the amount of waste human beings produce. Great job!

4. Ribbed Rug

Rugs usually stand out for one of two reasons: the colors or the texture. For ribbed rugs, it’s definitely the second one.

This type of rug might not catch everyone’s attention at first, but once they see it up close (and more, once they feel it), your guests will absolutely love it. See, it is made of little ribs that, all together, make for one of the most comfortable surfaces you can walk, sit and lie on.

Discreet but stylish, ribbed rugs are the ideal choice if you want to have the sleekest living room possible!

5. Carpet Tiles

If you don’t want just a rug in the center of the room, but the whole floor to be carpeted, using tiles can look really nice.

Whether you want to combine two colors, two patterns, or one color with one pattern, using carpet tiles gives you a lot more creative freedom for the room decor.

Besides the aesthetics, carpet tiles have one extra benefit. If you have a little accident and spill some wine or coffee on it, you’ll only have to replace the stained tile and not the whole rug. Easier and cheaper!

6. Tropical-Inspired Rug

Imagine looking down every day to see beautiful flowers and giant leaves. With a tropical-inspired rug, you get to do that!

With its vibrant colors, this type of rug is perfect if you have a pretty neutral living room decor and want to make it a bit more exciting. If your living room is not that neutral, you might want to reconsider your choice of a rug, as it might all become a little bit too much.

Remember, home decor is all about balance!

7. Frieze

If you want a carpet where you and your family can lay down comfortably, a frieze is a way to go.

Just like the ribbed rugs we mentioned before, a frieze rug is all about the texture.

This type of rug is made of twisted pieces of material that end up looking like small curls and make for the fluffiest rug you can imagine. Since the texture is pretty unique by itself, our suggestion is that you buy your carpet in a neutral color.

8. Geometric Print

Going for a geometric carpet is a great choice if you want your rug to be one-of-a-kind but don’t want necessarily want it to stand out for its colors.

You can go for a simple triangle pattern or for a more complex one, like the beautiful Moroccan trellis, and even if you choose neutral colors, like grey and white, your rug will still make a big statement.

Choosing a simple geometric print is also a good idea if you want a timeless look. These patterns have been in style for many years and we don’t think that’s going to change any time soon!

9. Waterproof Rug

We decided to include this last suggestion not so much because of the aesthetics, but because of its practicality. Who hasn’t dreamed about having rugs that don’t get stained or moldy because of liquids?

This is a particularly good type of rug to get if you have kids in your house – we all know how clumsy our little ones can be.

Whether you go for a neutral-colored rug or one with a crazy pattern, making sure it is waterproof will make your life a lot easier.

Living Room Rug Ideas: Walking Around Never Felt So Good!

Whether it is because of its colors, texture or practicality, a rug can truly become the star of any room. And with all the ideas we just listed, you have all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Once you find it, you’ll want to spend all your free time walking on your rug and admiring your living room’s upgraded look.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go rug shopping!

If you have any other living room rug ideas, we’d love to hear them as well. Comment down below!

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