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Best Air Fryers Buying Guide

There is another way of enjoying crispy and delicious food without dipping them in a pool of oil.

It may sound strange but you can fry anything with hot air with very little (A spoon of oil or two) thanks to this wonderful invention called Air Fryer.

image - Best Air Fryers Buying Guide
Best Air Fryers Buying Guide

Before we explain to you some of the benefits of having an air fryer, let’s see how the appliance work.

The air fryers do not actually fry instead, you add food into a perforated basket and the machine circulates super-heated air around it.

The air is so powerful it creates a convection effect that cooks and browns the outside of the food while leaving it tender and juicy on the inside.

Although considered expensive, if you look properly you can easily find the Best Air Fryer under 100$ price tag that can perform almost all the tasks that a premium or high-end air fryer can do.

Let’s Examine Some of The Benefits of Air Fryers.


The hallmark feature and the main selling point of air fryers are that the meals cooked in them are far more healthier than food cooked in deep-fryers because of no or very little oil.

The oil itself is not an unhealthy thing if not used excessively. There is nothing unhealthy about oil that goes into a deep fryer but it contains calories and if you are looking to cut on calories using less oil would be a great start.


Anything that goes into an air fryer comes out tasty. An air fryer can fulfill all your food cravings by cooking delicious and tender French fries, chicken wings, tater tots, and more.

Although, it does not mimic the taste of a deep fryer but when you talk about a healthy lifestyle, this is the least you can compromise on.

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You can cook all sorts of things in air fryers. You can use A Strong and Best Air Fryer for Chick Wings, beef, chicken breasts, fish, frozen food, and vegetables.

Frozen fruits come out extremely crispy and taste delicious. Some of the models of air fryers have the ability to broil, grill, roast, and bake.

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Automatic and Simple Operation

Cooking with an air fryer is a fairly easy and simple process. All you have to do is, add the cut food into the frying basket and press a few buttons.

The machine will take care of the rest and you will have deliciously cooked mouthwatering food ready hassle-free.

The appliances come with control panels with clearly labeled buttons that anybody can understand and operate.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning pots and pans especially when you are late from the office seems very annoying and frustrating. Air fryers however are super easy to clean.

All the removable parts within an air fryer are dishwasher safe.  Even if you don’t own a dishwasher, soaking and a gentle rub with a cleaning sponge or damp cloth will remove and clean the pieces of food that might be stuck to the air frying basket.

The frying baskets mostly feature a non-stick coating which makes hand-washing convenient and easy.


Apart from air frying, some of the models double as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and air fryer. You can enjoy the tenderness of a pressure cooker with the crisp of an air fryer.


Air fryers do not need to preheat before cooking. Frozen foods such as chicken nuggets, fries, potato wedges can be cooked directly in an air fryer without thawing.

Add the ingredients to the appliance, set the timer and that’s that! BEEP! You have your appetizing meal ready in a jiffy thanks to the quick-cooking technology of the air fryers.


The air fryers for domestic purposes are equipped with multiple safety features. They come with an automatic shutdown feature once the cooking cycle complete and it reduces the risk of food being overcooked or burnt.

The auto shut-off feature comes in handy when you often forget to turn off devices at home.

Further, the non-slip feet minimize the risk of the device sliding on the counter or toppling down. The closed cooking mechanism ensures a splatter-free cooking experience.

Air fryers are revolutionary kitchen appliances with plenty of health benefits. Other than being healthy, they save on time and effort and allow you the freedom to cook whatever is that you crave for.

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