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Best Flooring Ideas for Residential and Commercial Properties

It’s the middle of the year, and you still have not changed the carpets on your apartment floors.

It looks old, out of style, and boring. The floors are the first thing you see, and how it looks may affect how you feel. Have you considered revamping the floors?

image - Best Flooring Ideas for Residential and Commercial Properties
Best Flooring Ideas for Residential and Commercial Properties

Many claimed new things to come before the year begins. But as you checked out the styles and trends in the industry, nothing is new.

Do you feel that the flooring trends today seemed repetitive?

Today’s article claims the same, but this comes with a twist. You need the right perspective when you are looking into new flooring trends.

It has been a common approach to list every available up-and-coming idea.

Here’s a different take on the real trends and options. Updated modern and polished classic flooring trends ahead!

The Best Options for the Flooring Aficionado

Who are you as a design and style seeker? You may not have yet found the option for you because you still have not decided your taste or preference.

The following list will walk you through the flooring trends that part takes to the current fads! Choose flooring designs that promote sustainability, timeless style, and all-around use.

A. Sustainable Floors for Commercial Properties

Have you heard of the word sustainable? Sounds riveting, right? Sustainable floors are for those who love to care for the environment.

The materials these floors are made from can be recycled or made from renewable natural resources instead of synthetic ones.

You need to consider the material. The floor is not only about cement or wood. Below are the most popular floor trends for the eco-conscious.

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Cork Floors

You may often find cork used as to-do list dashboards attached on the walls. But cork is now a material that finds efficient use as floors.

Cork is a material that is made from shavings of wood or used timber. Do you see those loose scraps of wood from furniture shops?

Those shavings do not reach the garbage. They are recycled to create sheets of cork.

Cork is now used as floor coverings. Aside from having the materials recycled, it also provides fantastic cushioning. Cork floors also protect the floors from the impact of heavy falling objects.


There is a method called resurfacing. This flooring option makes the old slabs at home a treasure to keep.

If you got a concrete patio or driveways in the outdoors with flooring surfaces full of cracks, do not replace them.

Consider repairing them. You can resurface the floors with a new layer of concrete overlay. That is

Linoleum Floors

Lino sounds old and traditional, so should this be included? Before you doubt, consider that the material is made from a plant.

That linoleum is made from the oils extracted from the linseed plant. The oil extracted from the plant produces the linoleum.

It is easy to use lino floor covering. It comes as snap-together tiles. You can install it yourself.

Also, if one part has defects, you can replace one sheet, and you will have to replace the entire floor covering.

Recycled Glass Floors

Do you see those shimmering floors? Or floors that shimmers like sand? Pieces of glass do this magic.

Old constructions do not throw those shards of glass into the abyss. They manufacture them into cement or aggregates for making a floor.

B. Resilient Floors

Lino floor coverings and concrete floorings are both sustainable and resilient.

Vinyl, tile, carpet, But now, if you are looking into durability and LifeProof floors, this next list mainly talks about the resilient type of floor coverings.

Epoxy for Your Garage Floors

Of course, the number one mention is the epoxy floors.

No doubt that business owners choose epoxy flooring for enhancing their concrete spaces.

It provides millions of designs as well as offers a hundred times tougher than ordinary concrete floor surfaces.

Both DIY warriors and garage flooring pros agree that designing the floors with epoxy is satisfying.

If you need both heat resistance and waterproofing for your home’s garage, epoxy is the way to go.

Vinyl for Your Indoor Spaces

Vinyl never gets out of date. And in terms of being a tough flooring, vinyl always performs the best.

Each vinyl flooring – LVT or luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheets, or planks has no difference in strength.

Vinyl floor covers also offer you lots of designs. You will also found new and trending styles that have just come out recently.

In terms of style and strength, vinyl flooring is your best option.

Stamped Concrete Floors for the Outdoors

Here is a new way to see stamped concrete.

Polished classic concrete floors look brand new when stamped. Get to your nearest flooring service provider.

They will show the latest designs on stamped concrete floors design. Nothing beats the classic slate and stone patterns for your outdoor floors.

C. Commercial Floors

This time, you may be looking for an option to design the floors in your business spaces. An attractive floor is a must whether you got small retail stores or hotel lounges.

For a business space, the floors you need are those that shine. You have to make your rooms looking polished and clean at all times.

Clean spaces are inviting. So make it a point to keep it in perfect shape, and your customers will also keep coming.

Here are the best flooring options for your business spaces:

Wool Carpet for Your Inns

Carpet floors are tricky. If you fail to choose the wrong materials and design, you are the potential to lose customers. So how can you make carpets, like wool, stand out?

For hotels or inns, wool carpet suits the bedroom. It is non-toxic, so families with children can leave at peace when the floors are covered with wool.

When you have this high-quality floor covering, it is lovely to use it if you cater to an Airbnb property.

You can flaunt shoes-out-type-of-rooms and spaces. Let the guest enjoy a comfy and warm carpeted floor.

Sophisticated Hotel with Stained Floors

Concrete staining is known for ages. It seems too outdated for some, but stained concrete floors are classic. It’s practical. It always fits right into anyone’s pockets.

Business tycoon knows how much staining save costs. Here’s a secret, so pay attention.

If you got big rooms with massive empty floors, you do not need complex flooring to renovate them. Just have the floors stained.

Do not worry about the creases. Those thin minor cracks on the concrete floor will become its beautiful pattern.

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