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6 Tried and Tested Ways to Add More Value to Your Property

In recent months, the real estate market is experiencing a sharp increase in property values. A large number of buyers and sellers are making new purchases just for the sake of it.

However, they are not wrong because sooner or later, they’ll be enjoying the profits of the increased value of their recently bought property.

Many real estate experts believe that limited stock availability is the sole reason for this current situation of rising real estate prices.

In some of the cases, it can be true. But, if you are looking to enhance the value of your property, there has never been a suitable time.

Actively improving the value of your property will give you a reason to control the market if you are planning to sell your property – or want to add more value to your home.

image - 6 Tried and Tested Ways to Add More Value to Your Property
6 Tried and Tested Ways to Add More Value to Your Property

Here are six of the most tried and tested ways to add more value to your property that you need to try right now. Let’s get you started:

1.  Renew with Paint

Painting your home with new colors and textures can breathe new life into your place. Moreover, it provides you tons of opportunities to experiment with the interior and the exterior of walls.

In most cases, applying new paint to your home is not as much of an expensive affair when compared to other ways of adding value to your property.

If you are on a budget, you can choose to apply new paint on selected areas of your home. This way, you’ll be saving a lot of time and money, which you can spend on other significant home improvement tasks.

2.  Get Home Surveillance

Not so long ago, installing video surveillance technology in your home was thought to be an overly costly and unnecessary expense.

Now fast forward to the current scenario of surveillance tech – all the equipment you need to secure your property can be bought at an affordable price.

That said, home security cameras, alarms, electrical systems, and other surveillance equipment don’t just give you the benefit of security.

But they also give your property a considerable increase in value. Once you have fitted your home with the appropriate electrical and security equipment, your property will become one of the most sought after in the real estate market.

This is because every potential home buyer wants to live in a safe and secure environment. And finding that your property already fulfills these requirements will only make it a hot sell.

So, by installing the most advanced home security systems in your home, you give future owners a long-term advantage and peace of mind.

Plus, you add tons of value to your home that will help you earn a significant profit in the real estate market.

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3.  Modernize the Flooring

As long as your carpets are old and dirty, no matter what you try, your home is not going to look any better, let alone adding more value to it.

Taking this simple step of cleaning your carpets and replacing the old and unusable ones can make a huge difference.

But, if your flooring is worn out and needs repair, no amount of cleaning is going to do the job. You’ll have to replace it with newer material to expel any sign of negligence that a potential buyer can find.

Also, re-sand the floorboards even if you find a sign of wear and tear on them. A potential buyer is always trying to find the flaws to reduce the value of your property.

For this reason, it is implausible that they will miss out on these reasons.

If the damages are minor, you can always use some DIY methods to make things better. But if you think you need an expert opinion, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek the help of an experienced carpenter.

Once you are done fixing these minor issues, your home will look and feel like a completely new place, which will add real value to your property.

4.  Updating the Kitchen

A kitchen is the most sacred place of any home. Put a little extra stress in this particular area of your home.

Your property will get much attention in the real estate market. Besides, updating the kitchen is not as hectic as dealing with other problems in your home, and you might end up enjoying the whole process.

From matte black to brushed nickel and aged brass, the availability of finish options is endless. You can use your creativity and have a little fun with the whole process.

However, to avoid chaos, make sure that you choose a particular theme and work on perfection. It will give your home a touch of art received with open arms in the real estate market.

5.  Replace the Light Switches

Over time, the while light switches of your home tend to turn dirty and yellowish. Rather than wasting your time and energy cleaning them, it would be best if you thought about replacing them with new ones.

Moreover, hiring an electrician to replace them is not very costly. Neither it requires powerful hardware or peripheral changes to your home’s already installed electricals.

With this simple fix, you can give your home a modern look, which every potential buyer would appreciate. At the same time, you’ll be giving it the benefit of adding extra value to your home.

6.  Build a Spacious Garage

Today, every family has more than two cars, and if you have a spacious garage in your home, the owner has one less worry to think about.

However, a garage not only serves as a parking space but can also be used in many ways.

Garages serve as a great way to store old and unused household items. Many of which have an emotional value for the homeowner.

So, what’s better than having a place in a home that you can use for multi-purposes at the very same time.


Once you get into the real estate industry, you’ll be met with tough competition and buyers that are ready to undermine the value of your property at the tip of your hat.

However, suppose you are careful from the beginning and apply the techniques mentioned above to enhance the value of your property.

In that case, you will have a greater chance of getting the right deal for your home.

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John eliz has earned more than seven years of experience working in the real estate industry. As a result, his research has become one of the benchmarks for finding the right property ideas for customers.

Familiar with all aspects and the fast-changing real estate environment, John eliz gives the most accurate and reliable information when buying and selling property.