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These Are the Best Fountain Design Tips and Ideas

From the palace of Versaille to the Shalamar Gardens of Pakistan, water fountains are a staple of timeless design. Once considered an engineering marvel, they provide a touch of elegance and class.

Aside from the aesthetic benefit, the sight and sound of water flowing create a peaceful, calming effect on the viewer.

The right fountain can complete any garden or patio.

image - These Are the Best Fountain Design Tips and Ideas
These Are the Best Fountain Design Tips and Ideas

You don’t necessarily need a renaissance fountain design for your place. We’ve compiled a list of styles and tips to help find the look you want. Keep reading to learn more.

Bird Bath Fountains

Who doesn’t appreciate a visit from our feathered friends? Birds are naturally attracted to the sight and sound of running water.

Not only will you have a beautiful prop in your yard, but you will also be able to bird watch from the comfort of your own back yard.

Just sit back and watch the birds play and bathe in your garden water fountain. You get extra points if you add a little pump to keep water gently running.

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Wall Fountains

Outdoor fountains don’t have to take up too much room in your yard.

There are special water spouts for wall fountains. One good idea is to use brightly colored ceramic tiles for the water to run down.

Pick colors that contrast your house and garden. Add some hanging plants to create your own garden masterpiece.

Pottery Water Fountains

This is a favorite among DIYers and people with green thumbs. When designing a fountain, you want something that will match the theme.

You can several pots of different sizes and let water flow down from the top. This is a great way to express your gardening hobby and add decor.

Now, you can sit back enjoy the calming effects.

Stacked Stones

Are you familiar with the craft of stacking rocks? You may have seen them at the beach or other natural areas.

If you have ever made one, you know it takes patience and a steady hand. A DIY stone fountain will likely take a few days. But they are lowkey and make nice garden fountain spouts.

Of course, you can fasten or stick them together in such a way so you don’t have to worry about them falling down.

Wooden Barrel Fountains

A rustic, country look is always popular and relatively easy to pull off. Wooden barrels were a common sight in farms across the country but nowadays there are other options of storage.

So, what do you with all those leftover barrels? Instead of letting them go to waste, they can be used as beautiful lawn props.

One can convert into a functional fountain without too much trouble. If you get creative, you can a dramatic multi-tiered work of art.

The Right Fountain Design for You

No two gardens are alike and everyone has different tastes. It might even take a little trial and error to find the one the works best for you.

You might be looking for classical elegance or that one-of-a-kind bohemian vibe. Either way, the right fountain design will do wonders to complete the look you want.

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