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5 Beautiful Backyard Pool Ideas to Consider for Your Backyard

A sparkling backyard pool adds a touch of magic to a home. Whether it’s a colorful lighted pool or a whimsical natural design, pools are perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and even increasing property value.

The design possibilities are seemingly endless with pools. The right contractor can recreate a mini-resort or even a beach in the backyard.

image - 5 Beautiful Backyard Pool Ideas to Consider for Your Backyard
5 Beautiful Backyard Pool Ideas to Consider for Your Backyard

With so many possibilities, which is the right pool for your home? Start with these cool and creative backyard pool ideas for homeowners.

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A Paradise for Kids

Are your kids begging you for a pool? Pools are an excellent way to inspire your kids to exercise or even get into sports. Build a pool that encourages your kids to be outside all summer long!

An above-ground pool is a great place to start, but an inground pool could afford you more room. Inground pools can also be customized to your kids’ liking. They could even have their pool modeled after their favorite water park pool.

Waterfall and Fountains

Do you want to turn your backyard pool into a tranquil experience? Have your contractor include a real waterfall. You could have one large waterfall or several cascading waterfalls in your backyard.

Fountains also create a magical experience in the backyard. Include a cherub fountain in your baroque-inspired pool or a sleek stainless steel fountain in a modern pool. They also look great tucked away in cul de sac pools.

Forest Pond

Do you enjoy spending time by the pond at your favorite forest trail? Create a natural pool inspired by forest ponds and creeks.

These types of pools work great for rustic backyards. You can create natural pools within hilltops too.

You’re going to need lots of boulders, sod, moss, and aquatic plants. Aquatic vegetation adds more than a natural touch to your pool. These plants act as natural water filters too!

Instead of concrete and fiberglass, these backyard pool ideas require a natural stone. Granite works best for natural pools, but limestone, quartzite, and classic marble are good alternatives. Limestone, in particular, is best for pool deck flooring.

Natural pool landscaping produces a lot of debris, so invest in a pool maintenance service to keep the area clean.

Modern Style

Is nature not your thing? Build a sleek, modern backyard pool instead. There are so many minimalist pool ideas to choose from.

Waterfalls and fountains aren’t just for natural and classical-inspired pools, either. Include a lighted waterfall in your modern pool’s backsplash. These look fantastic at night!

Go the extra mile and build multiple tiered modern pools. These types of pools are ideal for large outdoor parties and events.

Hit the Beach

Remember that awesome trip to Hawaii? You don’t have to!

Recreate your favorite beach oasis in your backyard. Beach-inspired pools are quickly becoming one of the most popular pool designs.

You can use natural sand or create a faux beach look with limestone and concrete. These pools start with a shallow entrance and gradually get deeper.

Add some palm trees and hammocks to create the ultimate staycation at home.

Try These Backyard Pool Ideas At Home

Are you ready to make your backyard a little less boring? Put your own twist on these exciting backyard pool ideas.

A new pool is just one way to express yourself with home design. Check out the blog to discover even more tips and inspiration for your next big home improvement project.

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