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Best Temperature Probes Available to Buy Today

Whether you are in the air conditioning, fridge, or chemical industries, the manufacture of stoves or grills, you process plastics or food, or you work in a laboratory, then you probably use temperature probes daily.

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Best Temperature Probes Available to Buy Today

Some are already built into the product, like those in an air conditioner, and others are designed to be placed by the user, such as a meat probe. Temperature probes have changed a great deal since the 1600s when the thermometer was built. So, let’s look at the best temperature probes available today.

Temperature Probes

A temperature probe measures the temperature of air, liquid, or surface temperatures. The probe emits various voltages depending on the temperature of what it is reading, these voltages are read by the receiver and displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. They come in three kinds: RTD, NTC, and thermocouples.


The RTD or Resistive Temperature Detector uses highly conductive metals like copper, platinum, or nickel. It is a precise device that covers a wide range of temperatures. The downfall is that the wires wear out and the temperature probe needs to be replaced regularly.

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An NTC, or Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor, responds quickly to temperature changes, but it has a smaller temperature range. It is usually the cheapest kind of temperature probe.


The most common type of temperature probe is the Thermocouple. It is simple to use, quick to react to temperature changes, and comes in a range of materials giving the thermocouple probe a range of temperatures.

Type K is the most common and can accurately detect temperatures between -180 to 1300 degrees Celsius. Like the RTD temperature probes, thermocouples need to be replaced regularly as they become less stable over time.


As we have already mentioned temperature probes come in a variety of temperature ranges, but this is not the only feature that can determine which one is the perfect choice for your business.

The actual probe part can come with different types of tips, you can get them with diameters ranging from between 1mm and 90mm, they also come with a length from 5mm long to 2 meters long. Not only do the probes come in different lengths, but the cables do too, making them more versatile.

A temperature probe can have a range of accuracy and they come with different connectors, all depending on your needs. If you are still unsure of what temperature probe suits your needs and budget, contact the team at RS Components, where you will find quality service, advice, and products.

When your job requires you to use temperature probes then you need to speak to the professionals with all the right answers. The team at RS is happy to help you with all your inquiries and will set you in the right direction.

You can place your order for the best temperature probes available on the RS website or contact them by phone or email. Getting the best temperature probe available to buy today is as easy as RS.