If you are interested in crafts and seriously trying to set up a small studio for it at home as many of the freelancers do, the first thing to do is to organize your craft stash well.

There are various types of stash boxes available online, which you can get at affordable pricing. Carefully consider the dimensions and ensure that you get a product which exactly matches to your requirements.

Buying a Stash Box to Well Organize Your Craft Stash

Buying a Stash Box to Well Organize Your Craft Stash

Buying a Stash Box to Well Organize Your Craft Stash

Some important things to consider while you consider buying a Levated stash box are as below.

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  • Dimensions

You may find various products of different dimensions. E.g., 9 x 8 x 3 inches with 1.5 pounds weight, etc.

  • Shipping

While buying online, check for the actual shipping weight and read through the rates, shipping policies, and the expected shipping time, etc.

  • Reviews

While considering a product, you have to check the customer reviews too to understand what the previous buyers commented about the quality and utility of the product.

  • Ranking

On e-commerce sites like Amazon, you can find the ranking also for a particular item, which can be considered before making a purchase decision.

  • Warranty

Read the warranty terms also to get exact information and compare products.

Setting a Stash Box for Crafting Essentials

Once you get a good stash box in hand, the key to well organize your craft stash is to audit the inventory you have. Doing it well will offer you multiple benefits as:

  1. you don’t have to buy the same item repeatedly.
  2. You can store things systematically and keep a good track of things.

To arrange a craft stash, you may start with one item at a time like canvases, threads, books, projects, etc. A Levated stash box has various compartments to keep various items. So, you can sort it according to size.

Say, for example, if you are dealing with canvases, then sort them based on the size as large, medium, and small, etc. Many who serious approach crafts have a lot of large items also to store, which also requires special storage needs. This needed to be kept in mind while considering a stash box.

Threads are easy to be stored at all types of containers in the stash. You may also find some decorative tins which don’t cost much from the thrift shops. While organizing threads on a stash box, it is ideal to arrange threads by color and the type of each. It will make things easier if you can pile them based on the type next to the color. For professionals, you may need a bigger container to hold the threads.

The bits and bobs type of little tools needed to be well stores in order to be kept safe. The stick-like items like pens and brushes can be put into smaller compartments. The flat items like die-press cuts needed to store flat itself. You may use file folders also for this to avoid contact with other items.

Doing these perfectly requires a good stash box at the first point. So, be very careful and diligent while choosing the most appropriate product from the online store.