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Certified Air Conditioning Maui: The Go-to Guy for Your HVAC Needs

Are you in Hawaii and looking for a quick, expert fix for your HVAC? Or perhaps you need an overhaul for your HVAC system? Certified air conditioning Maui can help!

Aloha! The weather is warm.

Well, you’re in Hawaii, and it is almost always warm here. And since you’re here, this quick tip will come in handy: a faulty air conditioner will get you all sweaty in no time.

image - Certified Air Conditioning Maui: The Go-to Guy for Your HVAC Needs
Certified Air Conditioning Maui: The Go-to Guy for Your HVAC Needs

Good news! You won’t sweat for long. A certified air conditioning expert can help you get the right temperature for your needs.

But first, what happened to your HVAC?

Why Your HVAC Break Down? What Signs Does it Give?

Outside technical glitches, HVAC stops working when it accumulated too much dirt. Dirt to the air filters, coils, and fans are detrimental to the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

So, could you prevent your AC from a breakdown?

HVAC mostly fails you when you least expect. And often without warnings.

Nevertheless, your air conditioning sometimes gives off signs of impending faults.

Have a look:

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Signals Your HVAC Shows Before a Breakdown!


Do you observe that your air conditioner stops releasing air? Or does it release only warm air?

Well, such an occurrence could mean a compressor failure. And as a result,  your air conditioner won’t cool your room effectively. On the other hand, warm air could be a result of a drastic drop in the level of refrigerant.

Sometimes, your AC does not even release warm air but no too little air. Such happens when the blower is faulty or when dirt blocks the pipes of the AC unit.

Lastly, the air coming from your AC should be neutral: neither sweet fragrance nor horrible odor. When your cooling system gives off odorous air, the chances are that molds already colonized its units.


Is there a water pool around your AC unit? Perhaps a constant drip. Yes?

If yes, then the chances are that some impurities blocked the drainage tubes or pipes of your air conditioner. In such a case, be careful; water and electricity are such a wild combo.

Also, leakages could be that of the refrigerant. When such happens, your AC takes more time to cool off your room.

Unfortunately, refilling the refrigerant won’t help. It’ll just leak out again! Instead, have an expert inspect your drainage and pipes and fix the leak.

Sensory Glitches

Does your HVAC rarely respond to its thermostat? You tried increasing the temperature, and it stayed at a point!

What you’re observing is a sensory fault. It happens when your HVAC sensor comes in contact with the evaporator coil in your AC unit.

Though sensory glitches primarily affect ductless HVAC, out of sync sensors can also affect standard HVAC.

Another sign is a loud AC. When your air conditioner starts making uncharacteristic sounds, it has developed a fault.

In all, regardless of your HVAC breakdown severity, your best bet at an effective fix to your HVAC is with an expert AC operator.

Getting Help for Your HVAC at Certified Air Conditioning Maui

Regardless of your AC issues and the signs it shows, we can help! We have island-wide services streamlined for HVAC. Also, we deliver high-quality air conditioning installation and maintenance.

Reach out today, and get an expert fix with us!

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