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Cheap Heating Oil – Compare Current Prices and Order Cheap Heating Oil

The heating oil market is quite volatile and therefore heating oil prices are subject to much greater fluctuations than is the case with electricity or gas. If you come across a good time and can buy the heating oil cheaply, you can save several hundred euros at that moment.

You can get cheap heating oil with our free heating oil calculator. It shows you the suppliers in your region from whom you can order your heating oil cheaply and directly online. If you want to buy cheap heating oil in the long term, simply heed our following information.

image - Cheap Heating Oil - Compare Current Prices and Order Cheap Heating Oil
Cheap Heating Oil – Compare Current Prices and Order Cheap Heating Oil


No Cheap Oil Without a Price Comparison

Find and buy cheap heating oil online until 2002, people went (personally) to their local dealer to order heating oil. If you wanted to buy your heating oil cheaper, you had to contact several dealers, with a little luck some of them had already switched their websites online.

Assuming a bit of negotiating skills, you could get a small discount from time to time. That got a lot better at the moment. With the help of our heating oil calculator, you can conveniently start an online query about the current heating oil prices of all suppliers in your region from home.

All the software needs are your zip code and the desired delivery quantity. This is how you buy cheap heating oil today.

The prices that our heating oil calculator accesses in a database change several times a day. Unfortunately, it is not the case that heating oil is generally sold cheaper in the evening or in the morning.

The price variations tend to be stochastic over time, so it is not possible to seriously recommend a specific time of day that would be most suitable for price checking.

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Cheap Heating Oil is of the Same Quality as Expensive Heating Oil

The Internet is indeed a boon for consumers because online price comparisons can now be found across all industries, including heating oil. If heating oil is offered cheaply, then it is not a “cheap China plagiarism”, but a product of constant quality.

The chemical composition of heating oil is standardized according to a DIN and every tanker that supplies you is officially calibrated, ie the volume counter on the way of the heating oil from the truck to your filler neck shows exactly the right amount, you can trust that. Hence, cheap oil is also of good constant quality.

When It Comes to Buying Cheap Heating Oil, It is Crucial

The so-called product price, which is the purchase price of heating oil for the retailer, makes up the lion’s share at 55 percent. Supply and demand are primarily influenced by geopolitical and economic policy causes.

This also applies to the exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar, which has a significant impact on the price of heating oil, since crude oil is traded in dollars around the world. We at Stern have examined these relationships in more detail for you in our ” cheap home heating oil” section.

How to Buy Cheap Heating Oil?

The individual heating oil price at the individual mineral oil dealer depends on these parameters:

The Region

The Delivery Quantity

The Type of Heating Oil

The delivery Time

The Method of Payment

Follow these Instructions and Buy Your heating Oil Cheaply

You can no longer wait for a cheaper oil price because your heating oil tank is almost empty and winter is cold. You have to order now, no matter what it costs.

A situation that many owners of an oil heater are familiar with. In this case, you will have to buy your heating oil at a high price, but nobody will force you to fill up the tanks. Many dealers already deliver from 500 liters, even if small quantities are sometimes associated with a surcharge.

In this way, you buy yourself some time, because a single-family house can last for three cold months with 500 liters of heating oil. You can use this time to wait for those blissful days when the oil price on the stock exchange slips down a bit, and then very specifically instruct the cheapest dealer in your region to fill up your tanks a little more.

Compare and buy heating oil prices online also keep in mind that it can be a bit more expensive if you demand a very short delivery time (express delivery) from the dealer out of necessity. This is understandable given that the retailer always has to plan his delivery tours in the best possible way.

So you shouldn’t let it come in the first place for individual deliveries, although that is very possible. For such short-term delivery within 48 hours, a surcharge of up to 90 euros can be levied (especially for small delivery quantities).

The heating oil is sold more cheaply from an order quantity of around 1,500 liters. In this respect, you save twice as much if you patiently wait for a relatively low oil price, which can be easily followed, to order 3,000 liters at a good time.

It should be emphasized in this context that there can only be cheap heating oil if a certain minimum of organization and seriousness is linked to the procedure of buying heating oil. You don’t buy heating oil spontaneously according to the pleasure principle. But the effort is worth it.

With even larger order quantities, however, not much can be saved. The price difference between the orders of 3,000 and 5,000 liters is only one to two percent, which means that you save around one cent per liter, with 5,000 liters that’s around 50 euros.

The horse’s foot with large order quantities is that you may be of the opinion that you are buying at a favorable time, but in truth, there is (perhaps) an even lower oil price a few months later, which you cannot take advantage of because your tanks are still packed are.

With this in mind, we from Stern recommend two orders for heating oil per year if you use a lot of heating oil.

Since the mineral oil dealers are interested in selling larger order quantities, they usually grant the option of purchase in installments if you do not have that much free money at the moment of the purchase decision.

In these times of the zero interest rate policy, consumer loans, some of which already advertise negative interest rates, which means that you have to repay a little less, may be an advisable option.

So even with “cheap money”, heating oil can be bought cheaply if you bear in mind that the heating oil dealer does charge a small surcharge when paying in installments, unlike when paying in cash or with an EC card.

Cheap Heating Oil Is Not Only Intended for Frugal Consumers

This somewhat provocative statement must of course be put into perspective. Of course, if you have a small tank or if the consumption is low, you can buy your heating oil cheaply. There is also the good old trick of bulk orders with a few neighbors.

It does not have to be the direct neighbors, the friendly neighbor from the more distant parallel street can also be addressed in the matter. The heating oil traders often magnanimously accept that the hose has to be rolled up several times so that the tanker can travel a few meters further.

Even if the retailer charges a moderate surcharge for several delivery points, the savings due to the large total amount outweigh this. The (one-time) order quantity, which is sometimes 20 in the group, counts for the price reduction. Can reach 000 liters and more. From this point of view,

But it also makes no sense to limitlessly expand the customer base, because most tankers barely hold more than 30,000 liters. If another customer comes along, the supplier has to send off a second vehicle anyway. This is why the “cheap heating oil” tends to be a little more expensive again with even larger quantities.

Pay Cheap Heating Oil

This means that the dealer sells his heating oil cheaper if you pay either with an EC card or in cash upon delivery.

There are no fixed rules for a discount depending on the payment method. With some retailers, debit cards, cash payments, or prepayment are treated the same in this regard, others associate it with a “popularity scale”. Since the direct debit is associated with work, some retailers reject the payment method entirely or allow this to be paid extra.

We advise you to inquire about the most favorable payment method for you because the mode can change with your long-term “purveyor to the court”.

Buy Cheap Heating Oil in Five Steps

Observe the long-term tendencies of the price development (crude oil chart)

Compare the heating oil prices with our heating oil calculator to find cheap heating oil near you.

Decide on your order quantity and payment method. This also includes the eventual organization of a bulk order together with the neighbors.

If you are short of money, consider paying in installments. If necessary, this can be done with a particularly affordable consumer loan.

While you enjoy life with the money you have saved, keep an eye on the oil price development in order to (again) place your next order at the lowest point of the heating oil price.

Cheap Heating Oil Is Not Always Cheap Heating Oil

DIN 51603 is responsible for ensuring the constant quality of the various types of heating oil. When evaluating quality, these parameters play an important role:

Physical Density of the Oil

Ash content

Sulfur content

Adding natural, renewable raw materials

The ratio of hydrogen to carbon atoms

The type “EL low-sulfur” according to DIN 51603-1 (heating oil extra light low-sulfur) fulfills a general standard. The dealers also like to use their own name creations for this. What is in common, however, is that this standardized type is both the cheapest heating oil and (perhaps for this reason) the most popular heating oil.

Most mineral oil dealers offer a variety of certain additives such as “Premium low-sulfur heating oil”. The so-called additives make this heating oil somewhat more expensive, but the customer is promised the resulting added value. It’s about:

Fewer Deposits in the Tanks

The nozzles and filters of the heating system remain free longer.

Lower heating maintenance and repair costs.

In some cases, the typical fuel oil odor is suppressed.

Many premium heating oils with special additives have a beneficial effect on combustion properties and storage stability. In total, this can mean savings of a few percent in relation to the cost of heating oil during operation.

With the help of our heating oil calculator, you can also compare the prices for the different types of heating oil. According to the old advertising slogan: “It has always been a bit more expensive to have a good taste”, the slightly more expensive heating oil can in fact be the cheaper heating oil.