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Choosing the Best Faucet Water Filter to Remove Fluoride and Chlorine

More than 2 million Americans live without basic access to safe drinking water or sanitation. While it’s convenient to flip the faucet and have water, there is a slight catch. You don’t always know where that water comes from.

The quality of your tap water could be severely lacking. This presents a health risk, unpleasant-tasting water, and excessive wear and tear on your home.

image - Choosing the Best Faucet Water Filter to Remove Fluoride and Chlorine
Choosing the Best Faucet Water Filter to Remove Fluoride and Chlorine

This guide will help you buy the best faucet water filter for your home.

Perform a Water Test

Before you do anything, you need to test the water coming out of your faucet. This will tell you what the quality of water is that you are starting with.

Next, use a test that will tell you the contaminants, their levels, and the pH level of the water. This will tell you what type of filtration you need the most.

Type of Water Purification

The purification method and filtration quality are the most important features because these are the whole purpose of buying a faucet water filter. A system could have all of the latest technology and still have a poor filtration system. This means it’s cutting edge yet not effective at purifying.

When comparing filtration quality, only compare systems within the same class. Otherwise, you won’t have an accurate comparison. The best water filter system will use a water filter fluoride chlorine system to remove the most harmful contaminants.

This type of system is efficient and effective at purifying water at the faucet. This eliminates the need for complicated and bulky equipment under your sink. You’ll also find the system simple to install, making it ideal for homeowners.

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Filter Lifespan

The filter lifespan is how many gallons of water the filter can purify before it becomes ineffective. Most people look for a filtering system with the longest possible lifespan for the filter. This means lower ownership costs over the life of the faucet filter.

The problem with a long lifespan is that it presents a greater risk to your health. There’s an increased risk of you forgetting to change the filter, which increases your risk of cross-contamination. This means your water is getting dirtier instead of cleaner.

The best home water filter will have a filter lifespan that strikes a balance between affordability and safety.

Ease of Installation

Some filters are easy to install because they bolt right onto your existing faucet. However, these small filters lack the same durability and filtering capacity that a larger system possesses. As a result, you’ll need to balance your home’s water demands with the size of the system you buy.

Instead, the best water filters that may not install at the faucet are an under sink water filter design. This makes the sink faucet portion simple to install while not sacrificing the better quality filtration system.

Buy the Best Faucet Water Filter

By keeping these features in mind, you’ll be able to buy the best faucet water filter for your home. Start by comparing the filtration method and quality. Then consider the lifter’s lifespan and how easy the system is to install.

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