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Damage Repair: 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

Your roof is one of those household repairs that you don’t think about until you see a leak in your ceiling.

It’s a good idea to have your roof replaced every 10-15 years, but how do you know if your roof is in bad shape?

If you have damage repair done early, then it saves you a lot of money and avoids a roof replacement.

We’ll examine five signs of roof damage that you should look for after every storm and whenever you get the chance.

image - Damage Repair: 5 Signs You Need a New Roof
Damage Repair: 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

A new roof costs thousands of dollars, so check these signs and catch the problem early.

1. Emergency Damage Repair: Ceiling Leak

The most obvious sign of a roof problem is visible leaks in your home. If you notice discoloring on ceiling tiles, visible leaks, or water damage, then you have a serious problem. It takes a while for leaks to manifest in your home from the roof.

It could have been there for leaks or months, and you’re only now seeing it. If it goes unchecked, the leak worsens and eventually causes a ceiling or even roof collapse.

Don’t wait and call a professional roofer as soon as possible for residential roof repair & replacement.

2. Pooling on Your Roof

The roof is designed to run rainwater and melted snow off the roof and into the gutter system.

If the gutters become clogged or the angles of your roof cause pooling, then you may have roof damage.

Shingles aren’t mean to be submerged in water. This can damage them over time and cause water to leak into the roof area.

It can ruin the shingles and eventually the wood roofing and supports. If it rots the wood, the only thing to be done is rip off everything and replace it.

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3. Loose Roofing Tiles

Roof shingles need to adhere to the roof if they are to keep water out. If they aren’t, then water seeps underneath them and makes its way into your home.

If you see roof shingles lifting in the wind, then they’re not protecting your home.

Shingles take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature, so it’s not uncommon for some to occasionally loosen.

4. Broken Ceiling Tiles

Roofs get abuse from weather, time, and debris slamming against them. Look at your roof, if you see shingles broken or missing, then the protection of your roof is compromised.

High winds and storm damage commonly break or remove shingles from a home, and they need replacing.

5. Rippling on the Roof

Water gets under the shingles and rots the wood underneath. The water causes the wood and shingles to warp and lead to rippling on the roof.

Rippling is when the shingles look uneven and raised compared to the shingles surrounding them.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof

Roof damage repair is essential to keep protecting your home and avoiding a costly roof replacement.

If gone untreated, it has devastating effects on your home and pocketbook. We hope this guide helps you understand the various types of roof damage.

If you want more information on missing shingles and other problems, then please explore our site.

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