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How to Select the Best Water Purifier

Are you dealing with drinking water contamination problems? If so, invest in a high-quality water filter for your home. It can fix many problems – improve water quality and taste to extend the lifespan of appliances to offering health benefits.

It is the last line of protection from bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and metals. There are numerous models of best water filters in the market. Each one has a different filtration level and, of course, cost.

Finding the best filter for you might take a little bit of research and leg work, but it is definitely well worth it.

image - How to Select the Best Water Purifier
How to Select the Best Water Purifier

Best Tips to Pick Water Filter

Here is the best handy guide that will help you decide how you can pick the water filters:

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  1. Determine Your Needs

The best purification system is the one that caters to all your needs. But before you select a filter, find out what’s present in your tap water and what contaminants you need to remove.

The impurities lurking in your water supply depend on where it comes from. If you are using water from a private well or the source whose quality you doubt, there are many ways to test TDS levels.

You can get a copy of the yearly water quality report from your water utility department. Alternatively, use an at-home water quality test kit or send a tap water sample to any state-certified lab.

Cooee Water is one of the recognized names in the world of water filters. They provide services in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast greater areas.

Their superior quality water filters are the worthy investment in your health and family’s wellbeing. Find the water purifier as per your needs and buy it today.

  1. Explore Your Options

Now figure out what kind of filter you want for your home. Make sure that you are buying the one that can target the deadly water contaminants.

Usually, the market is filled with tons of filters such as RO filters, portable water filters, refrigerator water filters, etc. There are also affordable non-electric versions available.

But not every filter uses the same technology, so make sure you read the label carefully. Pick the water purifier that can eliminate new-age contaminants. You can also check the TDS range and specifications of it.

Below is the explanation of some water filters:

  • Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters (also called activated charcoal filters) are among the most common types of filters.

These highly absorbent filters can eliminate harmful impurities from community-wide and residential water systems.

image - Alkaline Water Filters

  • Alkaline Water Filters

Alkaline water filters eliminate unwanted tap water toxins. The biggest benefit is that alkaline filters increase the water pH level, making it more alkaline. It helps the body in neutralizing the acidic properties that we collect via our diets.

The water is also mineral-rich and contains antioxidant qualities too that offer advantages to your health.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

RO purifiers are one of the most effective water purifiers that reverse the natural flow of water naturally without needing any energy.

They remove the majority of water contaminants and make the water taste better.

Moreover, you can pick how many stages you want and tailor it as per your needs. Getting a reverse osmosis system is also space and money saver.

You can also take care of RO purifiers easily because they require maintenance every six months.

  • Distillation Filters

Distillers heat the tap water to the boiling point and then garner the steam as it condenses to remove heavy metals, nitrates, bacteria, sodium, dissolved solids, radionuclides, and other deadly compounds.

But they are not a good option if you have chemicals in the water.

  • Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters are freestanding or gravity-fed filters. You can also install it to your faucet.

Neither they require a plumber nor do they use space under your sink. Maintaining countertop filters is also simple as it does not require any special tools.

  • Undersink Filters

Undersink water filtration systems are the water filters that are installed below a sink in the home. They are a great solution in case of counter space shortage. These types of filters do not require refilling.

They not just improve the water taste, but also make the water safe to drink. These filters are also affordable, easy to install, and need no extra space. However, the under-sink filter may not work well in an emergency situation.

Cooee Water offers one of the best options when it comes to the best water filters. They not only make your water clean but healthier too. Visit the website to discover different water filter models.

  1. Decide Location of Your Filter

There are many diverse kinds of filters, depending on the installation type, like under the sink, wall mounting, and tabletop. Decide the installation location for your filter. You can choose either a point-of-use for the whole-house filter.

The whole house filter will filter the water before it reaches your home. They get rid of the mineral deposits and bad smell or taste.

A point-of-use filter will filter the water just before you use it. They are more effective than whole-house filters.

  1. Find an ISI or ANSI Certified Filter

Buy a home water filtration system that is ISI or ANSI certified. They are effective at getting rid of the contaminants that it claims to remove.

Avoid buying filters that are uncertified. Make sure you pick a renowned brand and product certification before shopping.

  1. Consider Maintenance Costs

Water filters need to be replaced from time to time to function properly. Whether you are shopping online or in stores, the manufacturer’s manual.

You can read it to explore when you need to change your filter. Always select a water filter you can afford to maintain and offers a warranty.

image - Install the Filter Correctly

  1. Install the Filter Correctly

You can get the water filter installed on your own as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Many Wellness Water Filtration Systems are simple to install, while others are not. Get the help of an expert if you are confused about the installation.


Your drinking water may be unhealthy such as lead, arsenic, Perchlorates, etc. The simple way to remove those substances is to buy a good home water filter.

It offers clean water for drinking that is vital for great health and wellbeing. You can compare diverse options and make an informed choice.

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