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Affordable Painting for Your Home

Every homeowner wants their home to look beautiful, and painting is one way to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Not only painting makes a house look appealing, but it also protects it from the external environment. Some exterior paints also enhance the energy efficiency of homes.

There are many other benefits of painting a home, but people need to spend money every three to five years as they need to repaint. People who have a big house need to spend a lot of money on painting it once.

Many people prefer painting their house themselves to save money, but it costs them more as the low quality of paintwork requires them to repaint soon. On the other hand, professional painters have the skills and experience to paint with high quality, and you don’t need to repaint soon.

Therefore, homeowners should always get their homes painted by professional painters. AR Painting solutions is a company that offers high-quality painting services in Brisbane, Australia. The company has an experience of 10 years with thousands of satisfied clients.

image - Affordable Painting for Your Home
Affordable Painting for Your Home

There are many other ways to save money while painting your house. Let us explore the best ways to save money while painting a home.

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Buy the Paint in Bulk from a Big Store

The best way to save on anything is to buy in bulk. The same principle applies while buying paint for your home.

Large stores offer discounts for people who buy paint in bulk. You need to estimate how much paint you need to coat the entire house.

After a precise estimation, you can buy the paint and other materials in bulk from a big store. Don’t ask the painters to buy paint for you as it will always be expensive.

Never Buy Low-Quality Paint to Save Money

Some people prefer low-cost paints, but they don’t think of their low quality. Buying a low-quality paint does not save you money.

It costs you more in the long term as you need to paint sooner. A high-quality paint can last for three to five years while a low-quality paint gets worn within a year.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive paint in the store. Compare the brands and look for one that offers high quality at an average price. Think for the long term and invest in high-quality paint for your house as it saves you money over the years.

Use the Same Colors

image - Use the Same Colors

Most people prefer changing colors while painting a house. However, painting your walls with the same color can save you money as you need to paint only a single coat.

Painting all the walls with the same color will enable you to buy that color in bulk. If you don’t want to paint everything in the same color, you can paint the ceiling and trims with another color.

Painting the ceiling with a light color improves the light in the room, and you can replace your lights with low power lamps.

Use Primer Only if Required

You should use the primer only if necessary. There are self-priming paints that are a blend of paint and primer. You can use them on your walls.

Primer is required if the surfaces are too rough or worn, or when you are painting a light color over a dark one. If your walls are too rough, using a primer can save you from using multiple paint coats.

Focus on Proper Prep Work

image - Focus on Proper Prep Work

The quality of paintwork depends to a large extent on the prep work. Cleaning or washing the walls thoroughly helps you remove the dirt and invisible dust from the walls.

It helps the paint stick better on the surface and lasts longer. Moreover, covering the doorknobs, floors, and switchboards helps protect them from paint spills.

Scraping and sanding are also important, especially if the old paint is worn too much. You need to remove the scrapes of the worn paint to enable the new paint to stick better.

Sanding makes the surface uniform for better adhesion of paint. Many people skip the prep work to complete the work faster, which makes the paint worn soon, and they need to repaint.

Borrow the Tools on Rent

If you decide to do the prep work yourself, you need all the tools, like scrapers, sanding machines, and power washers.

You can use your garden hose to wash the exterior walls, but if you need a power washer, you should get it on rent instead of buying. You don’t need to buy these tools unless you need them regularly.

Use Newspapers to Cover the Floors

You need to cover your floors and furniture to prevent them from getting spoiled by paint spills. Although experts recommend covering the floor with a drop cloth, it is not necessary.

You don’t even need plastic sheets to cover the floor and furniture as it can be expensive. Instead, use old newspapers to cover the entire floors and furniture.

You can use paper and tapes to cover the door handles and knobs as well. Doing this can save you money that others spend on drop cloths and plastic sheets.

Research for the Painters

It is better to hire professional painters for your project than painting your home yourself. Some painters charge low but offer low-quality services. Others offer high-quality work but at a very high price.

You need to do some research to find high-quality painters at reasonable prices and positive customer feedback. Don’t forget the online reviews and feedback of customers before hiring any painting service for your project.

AR Painting solutions offer premium quality residential and commercial painting services in Brisbane and its surroundings.

The company is also a member of Master Painters, Queensland, offering painting services for ten years. If you live in Brisbane or Queensland, you can hire AR painting solutions to paint your home.

Final Words

These are some simple ways to save money while painting your home. You can think of other ways to save money, but should never compromise on the quality of materials or paint your house yourself.

It is best to buy good quality paint and hire professional painters like AR Painting solutions for your project.