The front door plays a vital role in the security of any house. Most people use the front door to enter their homes, but it can also be a gateway for unwanted visitors. Most thefts and robberies take place through the front door.

Front doors need to be the most secure entry point to prevent the entry of thieves and burglars.

Therefore, homeowners need to take various measures to enhance their front door security. There are many innovative gadgets and locks available to enhance the security of homes.

Let us explore the best ways to improve the front door security of any house.

image - 8 Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

8 Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

Install Security Door

A security door is made of solid metal that increases the safety of your house. It acts as an extra barrier between the interior and outside of your property. It is an additional door other than the standard front door that adds extra security to your home.

A solid security door is much stronger than a standard hollow-core door. It makes it challenging for any unwanted person to enter your home by creating an additional layer of security.

The function of security measures for the front door is to create a strong barrier for unwanted people to enter your home.

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Isolate Your Hinges

Hinges of a door are easy to tamper or remove with some standard tools. If your hinges are on the outer side of the front door, they are easily accessible to intruders.

On the other hand, the inward-facing hinges are hidden and not accessible to the intruders. Therefore, by hiding your hinges, you can add a layer of security to your front door.

CCTV Cameras

image - CCTV Cameras

Cameras and sensors are simple but effective gadgets to add security to your front door and the entire home. The present-day CCTV cameras are equipped with sensors that identify new people as soon as they come in front of them.

The present-day cameras come with a mobile app that sends the pictures or videos of any suspicious activity on your smartphone.

Door Sensors

Door sensors are devices that enable you to add a robust layer of security to any door. You can install a door sensor on every door that acts as an entry point to your house.

These devices come equipped with optical sensors with features like fingerprint or face or retina recognition.

You need to save your family’s biometrics into a device you install on your door. Whenever your family members or any person with their biometric fed in the device comes, the device will open the door for them.

However, the door will not open for the new persons whose fingerprint or face image is not stored in the device.

All the security devices are not based on biometrics, some come with other features, but all of them add a layer of security to your doors. You can search for the latest sensor-based security devices for front door security for your house.

Upgrade Your Locks

The conventional locks won’t offer robust security for your home. Deadbolts and dead latches are a great choice, as they are made of strong alloy metal. They can bear impacts without breaking to a certain degree.

With the deadbolt locks installed on your front door, they reduce the chances of theft and intrusion by thieves or burglars.

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Reinforce a Strike Plate

The strike plate also adds a robust layer of security to your front door. It is a metal piece that holds the lock bolt in its place. The installation of a strike plate is a sure shot way to enhance the overall security of your front door lock.

However, the strike plane needs installation from a professional locksmith; otherwise, it cannot offer any security in a brute force impact.

The precise way to reinforce a strike plate is to ensure that a professional locksmith connects it firmly to the door jamb with long screws.

The long screws into the stud supporting the door jamb. The simple process of precise installation of a strike plate adds a layer of security to your front door.

High-security Lock Cylinders

Installing high-security lock cylinders is another way to make your front doors more secure against thieves and burglars. They come with mechanisms to protect against lock picking, drilling and lock bumping.

Burglars have a limited amount of time to enter and steal something from a house. So, the more challenging the lock is to pick, the better the security of your door.

Installing a high-security lock cylinder is the best way to prevent lock picking, drilling, or bumping. The lock cylinder should have anti-drill and anti-bump features.

Motion Sensor Lights

image - Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars never like the spotlights as they work in the dark. Although burglars also work in the daytime, you need to keep them away in the night as well. Installing motion sensor lights on your entry doors is an affordable way to keep the burglars at bay.

Some motion sensors lights are battery powered and some work on electricity. It is best to choose a solar-powered or battery-powered model so that they work even when the power goes off.

Make sure to install them at least ten feet high, so that burglars won’t reach them or damage them easily.

Final Words

These are the ways you can use to improve your front door security. Installing a special security door, upgrading your door locks, installing cameras, sensors, and motion lights are only a few ways to enhance front door security.

Hiring and taking advice from professionals like All Coast Locksmiths is the best way to add a layer of security to your home.

Following the tips in this article can help homeowners to make their home a safe and secure place for their family.