The roof is a vital part of any house and acts as a covering or shield for the house. It protects from everything ranging from heavy rainfall, snow, thunder, hurricane, strong winds, sun, etc. It is exposed to a lot of things, and therefore it is essential to maintain your roof properly.

Most of the people neglect the roof and don’t give any time to clean and maintain it. Almost everyone remembers the roof when it starts leaking, or some other problem occurs.

A dirty roof will sustain damage very fast, and you need to remove all dust, dirt, debris, fungus, algae, etc. as soon as possible to protect your home’s roof.

Let us know about some tips to clean your roof in the right manner.

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6 Tips to Clean Your Roof Right

Clean Out the Gutters and Valleys

It is very vital to clean out the gutters and valleys in your roof. Clean the water flowing through the edges so that there is no leakage into your home. Clear debris, dirt, dried leaves, etc. so that water spouts are clear.

Neglecting the cleanliness of the gutters can cause damage to the roof and its wooden board.

Dirty gutters can even cause puddles, leaks, etc. Make sure to clean out the gutters regularly and follow safety measures while doing so. You can even make use of a leaf blower to clear out debris and dried leaves from the valleys and gutters of the roof.

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Clean the Shaded and Dark Areas

If you use roof shingles, then there will be parts on the roof that get discolored. Most of these areas have colonies of algae that look like stains and damage the shingles by eating asphalt and all other materials that are in it.

You can make a homemade cleaning solution and scrub these areas of the roof until they are clean.

You may also have to use chemicals to get the cleaning work done. Moss is another problem, and it forms on areas that do not receive sunlight or are under the shade of big trees.

You may need to physically spray water or brush them to clean. You can also use diluted bleach or other chemicals to clean the moss.

Check and Clean the Chimneys and Skylights

image - Check and Clean the Chimneys and Skylights

The roof has many parts to it like the skylights, chimney, etc. that need to be cleaned in order to get a clean roof overall. It is vital to inspect these and make sure they are clean and faultless to avoid leaks and other unwanted happenings.

All chimneys should be properly checked, cleaned, and then appropriately sealed to prevent leakage from them.

Skylights can easily trap water inside them, and you have to clean the skylight and remove water from inside it so that it does not seep into your home.

It is essential to carry out the cleaning and sealing process as it stops water from leaking and saves the roof from a lot of damage.

Inspect and Clean the Attic

Cleaning the attic is as important as cleaning the roof of your house because it may contain a lot of things that require cleaning.

The attic can cause trouble because of plumbing issues, improper ventilation, bug infestation, air conditioning, condensation, etc. You should also keep an eye out for molds and algae stains.

Check for rust around nails and black rings as they show the condensation of moisture in the attic. Also, check for soaked insulation when there is no rainfall taking place.

When you check the attic for ventilation, you can spot the leakage issues and prevent future troubles. Hence, proper cleaning is needed for the attic too.

Inspect and Clean the Edges and Corners

It is vital to check the roof to wall edges and corners to make sure there are no leaks there. In most cases, water travels to the sides of the wall and forms puddles in troublesome and unexpected places.

You can use drip edges for a better look and have a spot where the water will collect when it comes off the roof.

Without the use of drip edges, the wood may rot, and there will be issues with the fascia board and the deck of the roof.

Drip edges even stop insects from laying their eggs and giving birth. Inspect the drip edges regularly to make sure there is no leakage from the roof or other issues.

Contact Experienced Professionals for Help in Roof Cleaning

image - Contact Experienced Professionals for Help in Roof Cleaning

Even though cleaning the roof and its parts are not very difficult, it still requires great time and effort. Nowadays, most people do not get free time from their busy professional life and, as a result, neglect the roof and forget about inspecting it for leaks and cleaning it.

This is not good because it can cause water leakages and many other issues in the future.

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Even though most of us neglect the roof of our home, it is vital to keep a check on it and clean it regularly to avoid unwanted issues. The roof weathers many things, and it is your duty to make sure there is no leakage in the roofs or other problems.

In the above article, we read about the best tips to clean your roof in the right manner. Cleaning dust, debris, etc. give an excellent look at the roof and reduce the risk of water leakage.

You can clean the roof by yourself or even hire experienced professionals. Choose according to yourself and keep your roof clean and in the best shape possible.