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How to Clean the Air Filter? – Things You Should Know

Air purifiers are a great way to filter the air in the room or office. It merely eliminates the contaminants in the air so that you can breathe in fresh and clean air. It helps to improve the air quality inside a particular area at home or office.

For a healthy life, you should consider an air purifier for you as well as for the entire family. Therefore, you can also combat allergic and asthmatic problems.

image - How to Clean the Air Filter - Things You Should Know
How to Clean the Air Filter – Things You Should Know

But you have to make sure that the filter of your air purifier is clean. If it needs to replace, you should also return the air filter to get fresh and filtered air for breathing.

You can enrich your knowledge regarding this topic by heading over an air purifier blog. You can make related questions and get suitable answers from the members of the blog.

What is the Difference Between a Washable and a Disposable Filter?

Though the working process of both a washable and a disposable filter is almost the same, there are some vivid differences, too.

If your air purifier uses disposable furnace filters, you will need to replace it when necessary because it is for one-time use.

For better air filtration, you should replace the air filter every 30 to 90 days, and it is recommended.

But it also depends on the area you use the air purifier. If you live in an area where air pollution is very high level, you need to replace the filter more.

On the other hand, living in an area where the air is not so contaminated, you need to replace it after a long time.

In the case of a washable air filter, you should wash it after a specific time. After removing the air filter, the filtration performance remains almost the same.

So, a washable air filter is more durable and sturdy than a furnace disposable air filter.

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Best Ways to Clean Air Filters

Cleaning an air filter does not require you to be an expert in cleaning. You should clean the air filter when you think that the screen does not work correctly and cannot filter your room’s air well.

In this situation, you should head over to wash the air filter to work better and faster.

You can clean the air filter of your air purifier in three ways. These ways are considered to be the best ways when it comes to clean the air filter.

In this article, I am here to share these cleaning ways with you so that you can also clean the air filter at home.

  • Vacuum the filter
  • Rinse the filter with water
  • Use soap and water if you want to remove the grime on the filter

These are the ways you can incorporate to clean an air filter at home. Don’t worry because I will take you to each method I have just mentioned here.

Following the process, you can clean your air filter at home, too.

Vacuum the Filter

Before you start vacuuming the air filter, make sure you have already removed the dust around the screen’s encasement so that the dirt does not cover your room.

After doing that, you need to remove the air filter carefully. Now, you must see the filter covering with dust and dirt, right?

In this situation, you have to remove as much dust and dirt you can with the vacuum cleaner. Make sure you have vacuumed both sides, including the front and back.

For a fresh start to filter the air inside your room again, you need to vacuum both inside and around the air filter.

Rinse the Filter with Water

This is another way to clean the air filter at home and a fashionable way among the users worldwide. The process of cleaning is not so hard to follow.

Before you head over to rinse the filter, it would be a wise option that you need to read the manual for any instruction.

The manufacturer of the air filter should instruct you which side to rinse off the air filter.

You might have your garden hose at home. If you have one, utilize the garden hose to rinse it gently after carrying it outside.

A high-pressure hose may damage the filter. So, do not pursue the cleaning process with a high-pressure hose.

Before placing the filter in the right position in the air purifier, make sure you have dried it thoroughly.

Use Soap and Water

You may see heavily clogged and with oily pet hair in the air filter if you head over to clean the screen after a long time.

Also, there may have cooking grease and smoke residue, too. Removing all these dirt from the filter might not be as easy as you might be thinking right now.

In this case, you have to use soap and water to remove them entirely from the air filter. To do so, you need to take a soft cloth and dip into the solution of soap and water.

Now carefully, you have to wipe both sides of the air filter to remove any grime on it. When you see no dirt left, let it allow some time to dry entirely before replacing it.

When Did You Need to Clean the Air Filter?

If you have an asthmatic or allergic problem, you might have difficulty breathing in the polluted air.

If the air purifier can remove the contaminants from the air properly, it should be easier for you to breathe.

When you can realize that the quality of the air inside your room is not up to the mark and you are finding trouble breathing, it should be the perfect time to clean or replace the air filter of the air purifier.

Final Thought

If the air filter gets clogged with pet hair, smoke residue, dust, and dirt, it will not work correctly. Therefore, you cannot have fresh and contaminant-free air.

You should clean the filter right now. You can clean your air filter at home by following the three processes I have mentioned earlier in this article.

To keep the air inside your room fresh for all time, you need to check the filter, whether it is working well or it needs to replace or clean

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