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Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

With the excellent air quality indoors, your body can grow the capabilities to fight the unnecessary viruses, allergens, and more. So, you must know these tips mentioned below that always work to improve your home’s indoor air quality like never before.

image - Improving Your Home's Indoor Air Quality
Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

These tips are as follows:

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Sanitize the House Daily

You might not catch hold of the dust easily, but your home is prone to dust and other particles daily. Thus, you need it to dust it off daily using a broom and a mop.

You might also use floor cleaning detergents like Lizol or a few drops of Dettol. That’s best to rinse off any remaining virus or bacteria particle at any corner of the floor or the door.

You can also use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets once in two days. There are different cleaning modes on the vacuum cleaner. You can try the soft or the lighter mode for the carpets and harder ones for the curtains and the unreachable corners of the house.

Declutter Your House

Often, family members have a habit of cluttering one single space with numerous things. But when things are not put back into their original place, they can collectively invite dust. The moisture might also get collected in the tiny spaces between two bottles kept together for too long.

That is just a small example. So, you have to keep rearranging the stuff in your house, throughout different rooms. These rooms prone to the clutter of things are study rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, closets, or wardrobes, or even the computer table.

So, you have to pay a bit extra attention to those areas when you plan to declutter the things lying around your house.

After you are done decluttering different rooms or areas, the air quality will definitely improve. There will be less humidity and lesser dust particles trying to collect in one place.

Grow Right Houseplants

Plants are the best for replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. We all know that they need carbon dioxide to grow, whereas, simultaneously, they exult a large amount of oxygen for humans to live peacefully.

So, the right houseplants can help improve the air quality indoors without much effort. Some of the prime examples of these plants are the English Ivy, which helps fight off carbon monoxide and other widespread allergens except ammonia.

Then there is a Bamboo plant that is normally considered non-toxic. So, you can quickly grow it indoors when you have pets or kids at home. This plant helps to reduce the number of toxins like ammonia, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Though, it does not work well in removing xylene.

Clean the Mesh Windows or Doors Regularly

Most often, more dust gets inside because the mesh windows or doors are not cleaned. They are known for collecting or fighting off any dirt, bacteria, virus, or fly out there.

Then, these mesh windows or doors get dirty often. You have to clean them at least once every 4-5 days. This way, you will be keeping even your entry doors clean. Then the mesh door can easily fight off the allergens more effectively.

You can simply use a washcloth or a spray of detergents or sanitizers over these mesh doors or windows. As they are exposed to air quite often, they will dry up soon. You won’t have to fret over that task.

Get a Really Excellent Air Purifier

One of the best ways to clean the indoor air quality with much force is to use high-quality air purifiers. Most useful are the ionic purifiers that are best to remove any irritants present in the air.

This way, you and your family members will not have problems related to allergic dust reactions or unnecessary cough or cold.

You must also put a dehumidifier in a damp or a closed-off area. A basement or a storeroom is the best place for these air humidifiers. This will prevent the growth of mold.

Open the Windows of Your House in the Early Morning

This is a very effective way to bring fresh air in. It has been regularly tried and tested by many scientists and researchers that the early morning air quality is often the purest. Thus, it is a simple tip to open your house doors or windows in the early morning hours.