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Advice from Air Conditioning Perth Companies for Maintaining Proper Indoor Air Quality

Although we feel that air conditioning system failures occur suddenly, it takes some time to build up gradually.

It is rare that any component of the system gives away overnight. What happens is that lack of preventive maintenance results in overlooking the build-up that was happening inside which makes it appear as if it happened suddenly.

Advice from Air Conditioning Perth Companies for Maintaining Proper Indoor Air Quality
Advice from Air Conditioning Perth Companies for Maintaining Proper Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining Proper Indoor Air Quality

Therefore, you must entrust the preventive maintenance of the HVAC system to a trusted air conditioning company that services equipment of all brands. You can contact them on their website to get a quote.

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Have an Eye on Indoor Air Quality

You must be careful in engaging the air conditioning company because a lot depends on the kind of maintenance plan they offer. Moreover, there is no assurance that preventive maintenance can prevent breakdowns, but it can only reduce the incidents.

Since breakdown can happen at any time during the day or night, a company that provides round the clock service throughout the year is most preferred. In addition, they should ensure that indoor air quality is always safe.

The indoor air quality is extremely important for ensuring good health because we spend most of our time at home which if not of the right quality can be more harmful than the outdoor air filled with pollutants.

Use HEPA Filter

Poor ventilation, temperature, humidity and particulates like bacteria and mould spores as well as many chemicals and gases are the reasons for spoiling the indoor air quality. While smooth running of the air conditioning system should make you happy you should not feel content unless you are sure that the indoor air quality is safe enough to assure good health.

The kind of filter used in the system is mainly responsible for the supply of clean and pollutant free air inside homes. The conventional air filters cannot prevent the entry of very small particulate matters, and it can lead to outside pollutants finding a way inside homes.

Installing HEPA filters in the system helps to arrest even the finest particles and ensures clean air delivery into the home interiors.

Clean the System Regularly

Keeping the system clean helps to maintain proper cooling and allows the system to operate at optimal efficiency. However, this is just one reason for keeping the system clean that also is necessary to maintain good indoor air quality.

The absorption technology used in air conditioning systems helps to remove almost 90% pollutants from the outside air used by the system provided the ventilation and filtration system works efficiently.  Regular cleaning ensures better performance as well as good health.

Control the Humidity

For enjoying healthy indoor air quality, you must take steps to maintain the humidity level inside the home around 55 %.

High humidity creates a moist environment that encourages mould and mildew growth which can have damaging effects on the indoor air quality. If required, you may have to install dehumidifiers to ensure a dry climate for a healthy environment.

Lastly, ensure that the ventilation is proper or else it will defeat your efforts to maintain dryness.

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