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The Eyes of Your Building: 8 Types of Windows You Can Choose from to Style Your Home

With sunbeams shining through that giant window, sitting calmly in the living room of your home, marveling at the picturesque view outside is probably the best feeling. The gorgeous beams of natural light are sure to brighten the house and also create a calm and cozy aura indoors.

Types of Windows You Can Choose from to Style Your Home
Transom Windows – (Types of Windows You Can Choose from to Style Your Home)

But you can only enjoy the glamour of natural light flooding your house if the right glass windows are fitted strategically to greet them. It can be daunting to choose the type of window, especially for a greenhorn who has probably never bought one before.

If you are thinking of upgrading the windows of your house and can’t quite get the right one, this post is for you.

Types of Windows for a Beautiful Home

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  1. Double Hung Windows

This is a window type whose two sashes can slide up and down the frame. Basically, you can open this window type from any side – top or bottom, and the pane doesn’t protrude out to either the interior or exterior side of the house.

  1. Single Hung Windows

One distinct feature with this window type is how the bottom pane is designed. As the upper sash remains fixed, the lower one can easily move up to let in fresh and down when one needs to shut it down. Both this window type and the double hung one can perfectly be the right selection for the windows of your kitchen.

  1. Casement Windows

You probably know them as the type of windows that contain a single massive and crystal clear solid glass pane that guarantees a less obstructed view and opens to one side. But besides swinging out to the side, casement windows can be hinged to open upwards.

However, you can check out www.dennisandsonscontracting.com for more regarding how and where to install this and other window types.

  1. Awning Windows

Hinged at the top, awning windows are mostly installed either at the topmost section or below a stationary glass window. Mostly, they help ventilate the house and still offer protection from the rainwater.

  1. Picture Windows

If there’s one word to describe this type of window, then beautiful should be the best one. A picture window is a stationary rectangular window, meant to act as a wall and show off the beautiful view of the environment around from the inside. This single solid glass panel is fixed on a section of the wall where it will let in sunlight too.

  1. Bay Windows

It is almost similar to a picture window only that this bow window type consists of three or more rectangular glass panes, fixed to protrude from the wall. Bay windows are ideal for living rooms where one could relax and enjoy the serene aura and the stunning view outside.

  1. Sliding Windows

You must have seen this window type, especially in a large modern building or at contemporary style homes. Slider windows are designed to glide along a track horizontally and allow fresh air in. Basically, the entire window consists of two different panes – a sliding one and a stationary window.

  1. Transom Windows

This is a unique decorative accent window type that a spectacular focal point designs to an upscale house. Mounted just above the main door or a large window, this semicircle shaped window can either be easy-to-open to let in fresh air or stationary for decorative purposes alone. It can also come as square or rectangle in shape.

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